Which champion can defend a tower forever?

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User Info: hawkeye2188

4 years ago#11
HotshotJoe posted...
Well hiemier's passive heals turrets But forever is not gonna happen unless you can 1v5 them.

Agree, there are alot of champions that can clear waves before they touch turrets but unless your fed, I don't know of a champ that can withstand 5v1 turret dive.
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User Info: FvP

4 years ago#12
AP Janna
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User Info: MrFail

4 years ago#13
peach_vs_faIco posted...
AP Janna

I used to do this in dominion. But never a 5v1, maybe a 3v1.

User Info: mystermandragon

4 years ago#14
Lategame Heimer

at first, he wont have that much waveclear because you max missiles in lane, but once he is level 18, he can instantly clear a wave.

Bomb the casters, turrets and rockets for the melee minions. If they turret dive you, Heimer can use his ult to survive a dive if played correctly.
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User Info: EDumey

4 years ago#15
Yeah. Janna with some AP is probably the undisputed best. Can clear minion wave super easy, can shield tower if their AD tries to trade a couple potshots between lifestealing minion waves, and can Ult any hard dive on the tower.

User Info: CenaxKikia

4 years ago#16
Galio is the best I can do it with. He can really stop an entire team from taking it down for a long time. One shot whole minion waves and a massively deterring ultimate under the tower that increases damage with enemy count.
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User Info: Hempitup

4 years ago#17
Arken101 posted...
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User Info: Deanyzy

4 years ago#18
I remember Zyra on release being able to defend for days.

User Info: Bapps44

4 years ago#19

User Info: Rydis-Shiko

4 years ago#20
I did it last night on Cass. They turret dove finally but I took 3 with..and they didn't get tower
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