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User Info: unlosing_ranger

4 years ago#1

Eternum Nocturne
by ~Boneduster, Moments ago
Literature / Poetry / Narrative / Traditional Fixed Forms

Born in a land far from those who are awake
In dreams is where he would cause much ache
Some could never sleep again and some simply died
Nobody knew how to stop it no matter what they tried

One day near a nexus someone passed out
He died after letting out a final shout
But magic from the nexus sparked out and it appeared
Now with physical form it was even more feared

Displeased, it finds it’s self in a bind
So it slaughtered everything it could find
After much death it was finally confined
Intensely they studied it to see what they could find

They divined that it attacked summoners in there sleep
Safe from there magic, there dreams it would reap
That was all that was there to learn
So they named it Nocturne

Justice was demanded by it’s victims families
But it was feared that death would allow it to resume past activities
So bound to a nexus fragment it became trapped in the physical world
And bound to there will, upon there enemies it was hurled

However over time it slowly corrupted those who called
With it's offers of greater powers it fooled
It told them to find Eternums
Then to magically fuse them with his atoms

The ore of eternity merged with the creature of nightmare
Becoming free of the fragment it glowed with a crimson flare
It’s first act of freedom with to betray those who caused this
Now with it’s new powers, nothing will ever sleep in bliss
Weed is for pansies. Shooting MDMA into your eyeballs is the only way to play this game.

User Info: kfcsnacker

4 years ago#2
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User Info: unlosing_ranger

4 years ago#3
kfcsnacker posted...

I wrote a poem about Eternum Nocturne
Weed is for pansies. Shooting MDMA into your eyeballs is the only way to play this game.
Karmic Dragon2003 4 years ago#4
I just made a phat hiphop beat that needs some lyrics.

Hit me up if you wanna do a collab mang. Sick poem!
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User Info: Ultoman2

4 years ago#5
link 4 downlaod pls
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User Info: Zeroisahero

4 years ago#6
I cry everytime

User Info: unlosing_ranger

4 years ago#7
Zeroisahero posted...
I cry everytime

Thanks, i'm glad i can create such an emotional response!
Weed is for pansies. Shooting MDMA into your eyeballs is the only way to play this game.

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