How do higher Elo/Pro matches play?

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User Info: trunks76140

4 years ago#1
As some of you may know I'm currently still learning the game, I'm not even in ranked yet, but I hope to be eventually. However, today I was watching some streams from various pro players and I'm just blown away with some of the things I'm seeing. So much so that I'm kind of questioning whether I'll even be able to compete in any kind of ranked matches. Of course I never really even (seriously) dreamed of becoming so good I could go pro, but at the same time who doesn't want to get paid to play video games? Anyways....

I know that part of what I'm seeing is months/years of playing (I mean some of them have been streaming like all day constantly playing matches) but some of the other things I'm seeing just are making me go like "seriously?!" Like before matches some would play other little mini-game style things, some of which literally gave me a headache trying to mentally keep up, or read forums/post things lighting quick.

Then add on how fast they type, how quick they do things like select masteries (I mean seriously in 5 seconds making all the choices?), read tooltips/item builds, how well they multitask with like looking at a second monitor to get skype/stream messages and stuff... I mean maybe they just have those windows open all the time and glance while running somewhere, but it's still like "whoa". Plus it seems like they have great control over things like their mice, as I swear they must have some super high sensitivity on them for how little I saw one's actual mouse move compared to on-screen movement.

Anyways, the reason I mention all this is I really feel one of my biggest weaknesses is focusing on one thing. No situational awareness or multi-tasking. Etc. I learned long ago that it's just hard for me for some reason. Hard enough that I wonder whether I'll really be able to learn it, as in the time I've played LoL (and I'm level 12ish so plenty of games under my belt) I don't really feel as if I've made much progress on that.

So tell me, is it always that way when you get to higher elos or become a "pro"? Needing those super fast reflexes with like super human awareness? Is it like in an RTS where you're looking 5 places every 3 seconds? How well will you survive without them if I can't cultivate them as it were?

User Info: Plague1503

4 years ago#2
All you need is tons and tons of (quality) practice. Other stuff helps, but 98% is pure training.
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User Info: CheezWhizX

4 years ago#3
This game is literally 80% understanding the game and 20% mechanical skill. Chauster and CloudTemplar apparently have some really bad mechanical skill but because they've been playing the game so long, they both understand how each and every character works + what to do at every point in the game.

On the other hand, you have guys like Shy whose only been playing League for a month~ but was able to take 2nd with his team at the World Championships.

Really, the game boils down to how well you understand the game, which comes with experience, which comes from playing the game a lot. It's enough to play the game because whether you win or lose, you probably learn more about the champions that were in that game (oh hey, so and so's stun is on a long cooldown or so and so runs out of mana too quickly to trade efficiently etc.) and what to do at certain points in the game (pushing for baron, dragon, etc.). If you just intend to play casually with a bit of ranked on the side, simply playing the game is more than enough. If you intend to bulldoze your way through to diamond rating, you should begin looking at every action you make and if it was positive, why was it positive or if it was negative, why was it negative?

So yeah, just learn the game and if you understand it well, you'll be a good player.
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User Info: hobihvvan

4 years ago#4
Multitasking like that is simply an effect of being so used to computers and the whole setup, nothing impressive. Not even their mechanical skills impress me, what impresses me is the insight they have, knowing when to go in how to chase and when, when to do some objectives, how to win a disadvantaged lane, or salvage it, how to remain calm and collected in a teamfight, that's what impresses me.

User Info: Rydis-Shiko

4 years ago#5
They play like a majority of others..just their plays get over exaggerated a lot.
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User Info: LooksLikeRain

4 years ago#6
Farm forever. First blood at 52 minutes.
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User Info: ikilledkenny2

4 years ago#7
Nothing in this game requires multitasking and mechanicsl skill :/ it's just game knowledge and map awareness

User Info: Kuroth_Neidra

4 years ago#8
Map awareness separates pros from casuals. Probably more than any other single thing.
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User Info: happyscrub1

4 years ago#9
All I got from this was typing and picking masteries fast makes you pro...


0/10 thread.
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User Info: trunks76140

4 years ago#10
Thanks (almost) all for the advice/insight. Knowing it's more about learning the game than any mechanical skill is pretty encouraging. I do worry some still about the situational awareness, but that more deals with looking at the mini-map than seeing whats around my champ, their health, etc. That part I'm pretty good at.

Looking back to where I was when I started the game I can definitely tell I've learned a bit, some from second hand, some from first hand, some from both... Like Teemo blind sucks with melee champs really badly.
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