Best way to learn to use active items?

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User Info: Tucker4321

5 years ago#11
I currently have all spells and item slots smartcasted, Also item slots 2 and 3 are on mouse clicks for quick access.

User Info: CenaxKikia

5 years ago#12
Dracovian posted...
kirbymuncher posted...
Dracovian posted...
Isn't smartcast bad because I could use abilities on minions by mistake?

The same could be said of non-smartcast (dumbcast? lol)

all it does is make you use the ability immediately at your mouse location instead of requiring a second click

I know what it does but if the mouse is over a minion you are screwed. IDK. Maybe I should stop playing. Seems like I don't have the ability to learn these things.

The real answer is using the items liberally. Your going to use it in stupid situations a lot, but liberal use of the item (burn it off cooldown for a few games) will make you think more about its existance and key.
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User Info: Shivan999999999

5 years ago#13
jonlaw101 posted...
I learnt how to use active items best by playing games which require me to move my hand to reach specific keys on the keyboard.

I once had to do a crouch and a jump at the same time in one game. Hella mad.

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I occasionally make a mistake and hit a number key here and there, but there are namy ways to resolve this issue.

A lot of gaming keyboards give you alternate textured keys which makes it easy to tell where your fingers are. If you don't have one, you could literally just put a couple bumps on your keys so you know where your fingers lie. Also, never hurts to take a quick glance if you're in no immediate danger.
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