Team fights... HALP!!

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User Info: lain8

4 years ago#1
So, I'm definitely not good at this game yet and one of my biggest weaknesses is when it comes time for a team fight. Usually I'm ranged adc/support, rarely I'd be the ap mid, and almost never I am melee of any form.

This is mostly because when it comes to team fights I have no idea wtf is going on or what to do if I'm right in the middle of everything.

But, I really like Nidalee. I just bought her and am trying to get the hang of her, but whenever there's a team fight and I go in as the kitty I seem to just die before my skills can cool down from their first use. If I stay back and throw my spear/heal I am obviously not contributing enough.

The only character I am not afraid of team fights on is Sej, and that's just because I build as a tank and no one can kill me anyways (and most of her skills don't require any form of selection).

So... any tips on team fights and/or how to decipher what the heck is going on when 10 people are on the screen at once exploding everything? Or do I just need to keep playing? XD Oh, it is love.

User Info: BoxOfBoxes

4 years ago#2
Eh, just keep playing, it comes with time.

One important thing to get in the habit of is making sure you're tracking important targets. Are you a heavy damage dealer? Find their DPS, and tunnel vision them, attack only them until they run or disengage or die. When they're no longer a threat, re-evaluate targets.
Are you a low damage, high CC champ? Know which champs to watch beforehand, like if they have a Kat, just watch for her to ult and be ready to interrupt it. Pretty much be prepared for teamfights to happen, then follow through with your plans when they do. Whenever something important happens, like an enemy dies or people start disengaging, get a grasp of the situation and give yourself a new target.

Getting used to the above method is a good starting point, but you also need to watch your HP, cooldowns, etc, and be careful if you end up in the middle of everything. Jumping in as kitty Nids with their whole team alive is generally not the best idea, you'll want to poke around a bit at the start until you can survive a full engage of only 3-4 instead of a full 5.

User Info: lain8

4 years ago#3
I'll give it a try ^^ Thanks for the advice. I usually think to myself "focus adc" and then when everything happens I just start clicking the closest thing to my character and hope it dies xD Oh, it is love.

User Info: dennis941012

4 years ago#4
nidalee don't fight as cougar chuck spears and heal adc while trapping enternce and crucial bushes
or if you are going ad do not be at teamfight just push
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