Are you for or against the new ranked system?

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User Info: FootballFan2

4 years ago#1
I'm wondering how are you guys feeling about no longer having a visible elo? To me it seems a bit unnecessary but i'm interested in seeing how the community is going to react.
Do it

User Info: Shuriko

4 years ago#2
wait what

User Info: Voidgolem

4 years ago#3
bronze league bottom division nub GOML

User Info: Red_Badger_55

4 years ago#4
It seems like an improvement over the current system. We'll have to see when it comes out though

User Info: ISF_Lmaokai_TMH

4 years ago#5
It's a MASSIVE improvement.
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User Info: The-World-Seven

4 years ago#6
My Hubris is bigger than yours.
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User Info: Reaper_Minion

4 years ago#7
It's okay, I guess? Need more details.

User Info: XxEvilkingxX

4 years ago#8
It makes no difference at all. The matchmaking system still remains the same you still get paired up with all those people everyone complains about on the boards.

The only difference is ELO is now gone and the shiny emblems on your profile page are acquired in a slightly different way (Best of 5 rankings matches)

User Info: CheezWhizX

4 years ago#9
Doesn't matter. Only difference is now bads, if by some miracle get past Gold, can no longer drop below Gold no matter how terrible they are.
I sense a disturbance in the force.
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User Info: JennaTahlia

4 years ago#10
ISF_Lmaokai_TMH posted...
It's a MASSIVE improvement.

pls explain
I like saying my number is higher i am better
gibe moni pls
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  3. Are you for or against the new ranked system?

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