What is your first thought about someone when they start raging in game?

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User Info: InfestedAdam

4 years ago#21
I only play versus bot games so when I see someone raging it usually leaves me dumbfounded simply because it is a bot game. Still I'm sure no one likes losing, especially to bots but I still see little reasons to justifty insulting your own teammates instead of giving them constructive critism.

The worst I've seen is a pug calling my friend stupid for one mistake in not helping him finish off a bot. They were holding their lane just fine but one mistake in the first 10 minutes of the game had the guy mouthing off at my friend.
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User Info: Dragonfable101

4 years ago#22
First thought? GG
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User Info: Spacefrisian

4 years ago#23
Oh one of them ragers again, lets piss him of even more.
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User Info: MagiaIce

4 years ago#24
I troll them and eventually they shut up and backdoor while we win 4v5 team fights.
"They can't backdoor when they're coming through the front door..."~Me
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User Info: Ultoman2

4 years ago#25
I thoroughly raged for the first time in months yesterday.

Our team was fighting (but not really, more of a discussion and no one wanted to change positions). I picked INTO a counter lane (as Leona) because our ADC was Corki, and I figured he was bursty enough to shut down their Sivir/Janna. We ended up shutting them down.

However the one who refused to switch, our mid (fizz), complained of lagging the entire laning phase. He somewhat fed, but not really. He managed to shut them down and gank occasionally. Everything's running smoothly except for mid to this point.

Bot gets ganked by a MIA Morg and me and Corki get double killed. Teamfights start.

Me and Corki respawn. Were fight it out and kill everyone except Sivir.

-queue log in music-



The entire time I'm perma-stunning Sivir, because Vi's tanky as all hell with a whopping 10AD vamp scepter. Sivir may have been shut down, but she still does more damage than Vi.
Instead, FOCUS VI. LOL I'm pure tank Garen, with no cc and and a chase ability!

Vi gets a tripple (how...?) and Sivir finishes me off as I make it back to our turret, which they promptly take. I try to tell Garen that building -some- damage is helpful,but he ignores me. Eventually convince him to get a cleaver because it has HP and "moar spin2win."

They start taking Baron, which I initiate (Granted I did this early with a ward + E) with most of our team on the way. We barely win the fight with only our Lee Sin surviving. Later, after everyone spawning, our Corki decides to farm golems. Alone. While we have a team fight ongoing. I tell everyone to not fight, because our ADC is halfway across the map. Instead, Garen runs in and spins (Before he had bought his cleaver, at this point he was building GA). Corki, typing out "lgaing really bad" instead of moving over here, is still sitting there, at golems. While they're dead. He types a few more choice words. After me trying to convince him to come and the team to not initiate, the fight actually starts.

Garen dies as Corki shows up, blames me, then the ADC for not being there. Fizz agree's. Eventually, the enemies all recall except for vi, who is ~50% hp. She tanks a turret and nearly kills it, WITH GAREN THE HERO ON THE WAY!

She runs now at 20%hp. This is where my rage begins. "NONONONONO" I type,"SOTP CHASIG" I plead, frantically trying to spell correctly. After a fit of mashing random keys on my keyboard and enter, he stops chasing. Miraculous! He then proceeds to run back to our base. after running back through 2 enemy turrets, then dying (and being revived by GA) he recalls.

Everyone respawns, a few more team fights happens, with Garen randomly dunking to KS our Corki, not really complaining because, hey, they died. However, as they take our top inhib, Garen calls "noob Leona" after he dies initiating 3v1. I promptly state my assist ratio, stating I was involved in over 70% of the kills in the match. But compared to his 11/4(should be inverted do to dunks/GA revives), I am useless. Anyway, were ace'd for a last time and I'm raged at by fizz/Garen. They win.

TL;DR: I raged as support for the first time in 3 months. 20mins of fun, 40 of "ADSFADSFADSF FS"

Edit: Some grammar
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  3. What is your first thought about someone when they start raging in game?

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