Did Ranked, didn't like it

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User Info: CheeseItBaggins

4 years ago#1
I said I never do Ranked, but I got super bored, felt in shape and decided to try it anyway. I hated it.

My team was actually pretty friendly. Good communication, everyone followed eachother's advice, I went 10-3 with MF and we won convincingly, so that wasn't the problem at all.

I just get so tryhard, flip out on myself when I die, ping way too often, and just generally become a less friendly person. Do any of you get this, or is just because it was my first Ranked game, that I got a bit over-excited?
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User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#2
Yeah, that's ranked.
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User Info: The_Gizmo

4 years ago#3
just keep playing I'd say, it'll feel better after a few games
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