Too much Ezreal?

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User Info: Dragonfable101

4 years ago#21
Ez is fine
Remember that failure only occurs the moment you've decided you will no longer strive for success.
- Lysamus

User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#22
itt: hipster ezs
If Pluto is not a planet Europe is just West Asia.

User Info: Covenant

4 years ago#23
_Krave_ posted...
This is so ****ed up.

Earlier last year, he was easily my favorite champ. I stomped with him, and everyone always said he was of garbage tier.

Now he's amazing and people over use him? Utter horse****.

Give me back my champ.

This level of entitlement is entirely justified.

And before you ask, the bolding does not indicate sarcasm.

User Info: dark_lord_havoc

4 years ago#24
Nikuma985 posted...
Last year he was a hard champ to play b/c of all the skillshots, and he was considered a crap ADC.

Now hes considered easy to play and one of the better ADCs?


That'll never happen. Even farther back, everyone on this board would make topics complaining about their nooby team buying zerker greaves. There will always be some idiotic opinions that become generally accepted.
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