Things my support never do for me

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User Info: Sword_Slasher

5 years ago#1
1. Help last hit under tower
When those awkward auto before and after the tower shot creeps come around, the support can assist by attacking once before the tower shot, and then allowing you to take the CS after the tower shot. The first time I had a support do this properly, I was amazed how much CS he secured me. I didn't see this done properly until 1500 games.
2. Freeze the lane
If the CS has taken various damages, it's a given that some of it will be lost if the wave gets to the tower. Why not freeze it? Damn, unless the enemies are right on your **** you won't have a problem tanking 6-12 minions. Especially on blue side, since you can pull it into the jungle. If they chase you into that jungle hole near Tri, it sets up a perfect gank for the jungler.
3. Ward against counter junglers (Red buff on blue side/Blue buff on purple side)
Especially when you're losing. That ward can let your jungler, support and your adc collapse quickly enough to get a free kill. For the adc, that 75 gold investment can bank him 350g, which can even out the advantage nicely.
4. Show presence
All you have to do is god damned move around! A support who stands still waiting for action is going to deny no cs, while a support who merely moves around like a jackass is threatening the opponent and making him on his toes, and more likely to miss CS due to caution. Just poke them once or twice, then move around, it's simple.
5. Buy more wards than the sight stone
Nuff said. More wards, more power. If your jungler and top/mid aren't getting wards (they should be), you need more than 3 in your bag mid and late game.
6. Ping enemy when showing aggression
This makes aaaaaalllllll the difference in solo queue. Do this in ranked always, coordination is everything.
7. Spam laugh in lane
How hard can this be? Get your **** together, supports.
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User Info: SoIldSnlvy

5 years ago#2
Pretty much all of this. As a support, however, I avoid trying to assist csing under tower as some ADCs get the impression that I'm trying to take their cs or push the lane.
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User Info: Sword_Slasher

5 years ago#3
Posted from my N-Gage

User Info: Susan0

5 years ago#4
My sp doesn't dance with me :/.

Report sp for no teamwork
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User Info: pinkpantherfan5

5 years ago#5
Think not what your support can do for you, but what you can do for your support
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User Info: Rydethetiger

5 years ago#6
I do all of these things! Gotta love being a support main and actually knowing how to play.

Things my ADC's never do for me:

Engage on my god damn plays.
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User Info: The_Excerion3

5 years ago#7
Some great tips here, I'm going to post one from the opposite point of view for more edumacations.

What ADCs do wrong in lane:

1. Not have a clue how to CS under the tower
Counterpoint to TC's number 1. There's nothing worse than setting up the melee creeps for the ADC to LH under the tower while he sits there autoattacking the casters, wasting all the melee cs.

2. Have no idea when or how to push the lane
A lot of ADCs have no idea where the lane should be at any given time. Keep an eye on these things:
- If your support doesn't have wards on them, don't push the lane. This shouldn't be a problem after lv6ish with a good support, but sometimes at very early levels it's hard to find a time to back for more wards. This is a massive point if you have a bad support though (which you WILL in solo queue)
- If your support lays down a pink ward, let the lane fall back, especially if your jungler is nearby
- Keep an eye on the enemy support and see where he wards, if it looks like the jungler can sneak in for a gank, then let the lane fall back a bit.
- If the enemy adc or support is bad at csing under the tower then feel free to hyperpush the lane to deny them CS, but make sure your support has EVERYTHING warded and for goodness sake keep an eye on the map (see the next point)

3. No map awareness
You should have the minimap in your peripheral vision at all times, there's no excuses for not seeing an enemy jungler walk straight past a ward, and missing a ping to retreat is grounds for a report in my opinion. Do not play without sound on.
On the same point, if you're mid, top or jungler and you see your ADC about to be ganked, ping them. Always ping. It's better to ping spam than to miss one because "that's the support's job"
Same deal with mia's. If your support has river warded and you see the enemy ADC run up river without calling it, it's your fault when mid dies. The support should call mia, but YOU SHOULD TOO. Stop assuming everybody will do their job perfectly or you'll never get anywhere in solo queue.
On the topic of map awareness, read the TC's 3rd point and read it again. If I ward against counterjungling you have to watch the map and respond to pings. And push the lane a bit before you go (if you've got time).

4. Not engaging in time when the support moves in for a kill
As a Leona player, I hate this so much. A lot of the time there's a one or two second window where you can get in for an easy gank.
There's a very fine line between melting the enemy ADC while the support is distracted, and getting killed because you were too slow.
Fellow supports tell me if this situation reads familiar: The enemy support heads way up river to ward, leaving his ADC open. You engage on the enemy ADC and your ADC sits there last hitting. The enemy ADC recovers and melts you, the enemy support comes back and engages on your ADC (who is oblivious until this moment). You either get killed or burn your flash. Your ADC sees the enemy ADC you got to half health, realises that that was supposed to be a fight, and finally engages after you're not there to protect him, getting killed.
Every. Game.

tl;dr Pay attention and watch the f***ing map.

User Info: Morrowind789

5 years ago#8
I make a conscious effort to do the things you listed, sorry we never mm
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User Info: MajinMox

5 years ago#9
pinkpantherfan5 posted...
Think not what your support can do for you, but what you can do for your support

Amen brother. Tell them how it is.

....Like actually get a kill so that we can buy some more of this WARDS you worship. - Great Rp
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