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User Info: MakJuss

4 years ago#21
g-cube_masta posted...
Why are you comparing a tier 2 mastery to tier 1 masteries?

You have to commit points to tier 1 masteries to unlock the lower tiers so that comparison is faulty.

I would rather have my AD/lvl and 8% arpen than havoc. Same goes for the rest of the masteries deeper into the tree.

You need 4 point to unlock lower mastery.
Taking 7 point in first row mastery means you take 3 point that better than lower mastery.

User Info: Aphoristic

4 years ago#22
MakJuss posted...
- Your role is ADC
- You want to deal as much damage as possible, so you end up taking all of the physical damage masteries.
- Havoc is skipped
- A two percent increase in damage is so minor that you will not even notice the effects.

1% AS and 4 damage increase to minion > 2% all damage increase
3% AS > 2% all damage increase


Havoc gives you a 2% damage increase for 3 points. You start the game with it giving you maybe 1 bonus damage. So worth it, right? The minion damage increase is more effective for last hitting until you are dealing over 200 damage per attack, which takes a while.

If you assume an absurd number such as 1000 as your final damage late game, that only gives you 20 bonus damage. It's really not worth anything.

You can argue that the 4% Attack Speed mastery is nothing. It's worth more gold than the 4% CDR mastery. The difference between all of them is negligible, as there really is absolutely nothing else you can take anyways.

xHaterade posted...
Aphoristic thinks ad carries fall off

those arent real guides

There is no point where I have stated such.
[ Aphoristic (360/Steam/League) | Aphoristic92 (PS3) ]
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User Info: xHaterade

4 years ago#23
From: Aphoristic | #022
There is no point where I have stated such.

When covering an ashe vs caitlyn lane matchup-

"Just play passive until six, as she falls off mid game even harder than you do."

-Aphoristic 2013
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