Should i get lulu as my next support?

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User Info: Morrowind789

4 years ago#1
I play support about half the time and my usual picks are taric/zyra.

My next question being, what game plan should i have going into a game as lulu specifically suited to her abilities?

i'm not familiar with them as of yet (i know what all they do just not how i should play her)
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User Info: FlameLord23

4 years ago#2
I just got her a couple days ago. She's pretty good. One of the best supports. Will take a couple of games to get the hang of her definitely. I'm still not good with the skillshot, and that's without having pix attached to something.
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User Info: pectus_umbra

4 years ago#3
Lulu in lane brings you poke, along with nice CC. She can be very flexible in her spell use, allowing you to make some real plays if you've got the skills. If you've clever and have mana, you'll never miss a glitterlance.

She also specializes in powering up your fellow team members. Melee initiators in particular really love her ultimate, which gives them a strong slow aura+bonus health. You can use it to help initiate, counter-initiate, or save yourself or someone else.
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User Info: iXCelticXi

4 years ago#4
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User Info: PornHandRAWR

4 years ago#5
She excels at poking people out with her auto attacks and Q's. You can carry a lane in low level play where they can't handle your harrass. In teamfights She can usually keep her target alive her her ulti/e into q spam.

This said I am not a huge Lulu fan I prefer Taric as even fall down drunk I can't screw him up and with my attention span while supporting I prefer a braindead champ.
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User Info: JustAPoorBoy

4 years ago#6
Q them to death. She has a lot of trouble against Soraka, and to a lesser extent Taric, but you can just spam Q and win pretty much any other lane.

Also, don't bother with trick shots until you can get hitting them normally down. Just use it like a normal line skillshot at first.

User Info: Suffer_Not

4 years ago#7
Lulu is a combination of poke and peel. She can't save you as hard as Janna can and she can' poke as hard as Sona can, but she fits snugly between the two. And she has really good team synergy for initiation if you have a tank that wants to jump into the enemy team (Shyvana, Nocturne). If your team needs initiation your only other ranged support choice is Nami and Nami is much harder to play because of aiming her Q works.

Personally, as a support main I seek to own every support in order to have a balanced choice with which to counter pick the other team. Up to you whether or not you want to put down 6300 ip on it though; It'd be cheaper to get Janna and Sona and choose between poking or babysitting each game.
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User Info: MegaHowler

4 years ago#8
Her poke is dirt cheap when it comes to mana cost, and her shield helps ADCs last hit way easier I max Q, W, then E last with R whenever possible. If your poke can keep them at bay then your carry can farm safely and you can sit back and hit 6. Mikael's Crucible is by far the best item for her. When you Ult someone you increase their health making that item even more effective .
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User Info: zefig

4 years ago#9
My favorite supports are Leona and Lulu. Taric is good too, but not quite as fun. So yeah, pick up Lulu, and get Leona if you don't have her after her price drops. Or before, whatever.
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User Info: Th4tOneDud3

4 years ago#10
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