Jungle tips?

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User Info: DreadnaughtXER0

4 years ago#1
Jungle guide really. Never done it before. What are some good things to know when jungling? What items to start with, which camps to hit first, what is expected from me, early ganks vs lvl 6 ganks etc.

If you want to know who I plan to jungle with, im thinking Diana. Though tbh idk. Just looking for more general things.
Looking for bottom lane partner to go support with Alistar/Blitzcrank/LuLu/Etc until lvl 30 then same for ranked. Add me. Playing normal with randoms SUCK.

User Info: neon screen

neon screen
4 years ago#2
For most junglers:

-start machete + 5 health pots

-wolves > blue > wraiths > wolves (or golems) > red > wraiths


Ganking and counterjungling are hard to explain and vary from champion to champion, but you'll develop a good sense of them after enough matches

User Info: CheezWhizX

4 years ago#3
Diana is in a weird spot right now. I suggest learning to jungle with one of the stronger junglers like Maokai or Xin Zhao before jumping on to her.

Jungling is basically adapting to situations. You see something happening and you judge for yourself the best course of action to follow up with.

-You see the enemy team taking Dragon, do you rush top/mid tower or do you rush to Dragon to try and contest it?

-If you clear Red first, do you try and gank mid first or try to take out the other jungler if you're faster?

-If they're blue-reliant like Amumu or Skarner, do you risk the lv. 1 fight/invade in order to offset them?

-Bot is pushed to the tower, do you wait for the countergank or do you push with them?

-Can you risk a baron steal attempt at the cost of your own life?

Jungling is just one big learning experience. You learn as you go. Don't be afraid to mess up your first few games, just understand why they were mistakes and try your best to fix them. You're not as tied down as a lane, so a lot of decision making is dropped on your shoulders because essentially, junglers control the pace of the game. If you manage to get a lot of good, early ganks off, pushing your advantage, counterjungling often, and dropping towers left and right should be your priority. If you didn't have such a good early game, counterganking and farming the jungle/lanes are your #1. Jungling is probably the hardest position in the game and it's only gotten harder as junglers generally got weaker over time.

Over time, you'll just develop a jungle sense or know what to do at what point if you play jungle long enough. Learning timers and having wards so you know when enemy buffs or up or when wraiths respawned so you can catch the enemy jungler there is good. Knowing the match-ups in the jungle are also good so if you ever get into a dueling situation, you know whether to flee or fight.
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User Info: zeppelin312

4 years ago#4
>start machete+5 most of the time
>have armor yellows, most junglers make use of attckspd reds, MS quints are still the dankest, mr per level still pretty standard. More specific runepages can be made for different junglers, but this page covers about everybody equally.

Clear paths
>wolfs->blue->wraiths->wolves or golems(I dunno about the gold to time spent here now, it was changed but they chunk you pretty hard. if I'm ganking I tend to not hit these first clear)
If doing this and you are relatively low, don't be an idiot and try to gank, inevitably feeding double buff.


these are the most basic, as you understand the jungle more you can do other things as they fit

Understand your role as a jungler vs. the enemy jungler
Ex. be aware of counterjunglers, ganktanks, duelers, etc.
Basically unerstand all the champions

When you should be ganking depends on champion, and on how each game goes.

read through this for a nice general idea of jungling

User Info: DreadnaughtXER0

4 years ago#5
thank you guys, ill keep this up and try a few bot games and practice this
Looking for bottom lane partner to go support with Alistar/Blitzcrank/LuLu/Etc until lvl 30 then same for ranked. Add me. Playing normal with randoms SUCK.

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