Is your desktop League related?

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User Info: Dota2

4 years ago#131
example post

User Info: X6488

4 years ago#132
Picture of mountains and rivers.
LUE is like the America of the internet...
You mean people crash planes into it? -the last crusader

User Info: Barrenite

4 years ago#133
Dota2 posted...
From: Barrenite | #128
you werent kidding when you said you added a bunch of pictures to your sig

are they all drinking tea tho

+ all the sona pics

+ all the ones on my imgur accounts and stuff i find on boards

I'm at 1k images ish

okay srsly if you hate sao so much why do you ahve so many sao pictuers
I'm not an ostrich.

User Info: Dota2

4 years ago#134
Doesnt matter where its from if it has what I want.

Besides, the look of the show isnt bad.

And the characters were pretty.

User Info: Enclosure

4 years ago#135
Simple Senhime picture centered on a static black background. Same source as sig pic.

User Info: kirbymuncher

4 years ago#136
but kenshin >>> senhime
IGN: Bobemmo

User Info: ssj4supervegeta

4 years ago#137
5/11 of my desktops are league related

the rest are bulbasaur.
LoL summoner: Vejitables

User Info: luthienCross

4 years ago#138
it used to be a while back but right now its just Jack and Heath's Jokers together
GT: Luthien Cross
NNID: Cogliostro

User Info: VeeVees

4 years ago#139
Rudy sucks
**** Lars

User Info: Dota2

4 years ago#140
From: VeeVees | #138

i like it
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