I'm looking for Ranked Partners

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User Info: wthamidoing

4 years ago#1
If you are good post your IGN, normals W/L and ELO and I will judge you.
I'm really attractive. Believe it.

User Info: Purely_Luck

4 years ago#2
Solo top Player
Lee Sin main
I think 1200ish ELO
I'm looking for a ranked team that acutally plays
LoL IGN:Paradox

User Info: CNLSanders

4 years ago#3
CNLAviator. I'm about 50% in normals. Something like 90/91. Those trolls and afkers take their toll :) Currently I'm unranked officially as I've only played 4 ranked games, but my unofficial ranking is 1273(3 wins 1 loss). I mostly play bot lane and mid.

User Info: afewmangos

4 years ago#4

1244 elo atm

like an 80% win rate with ezreal
i liek mudkipz
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