Make the strongest team you can, of any pros

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User Info: CenaxKikia

4 years ago#51
I wanted to make a list of 5wow really deadly killers in history but to be honest the deadliest killers all went unknown.. except maybe the mass bombers etc.
"The unknown.. trolls us.." -Carl Sagan
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User Info: mrich528

4 years ago#52
Terry Hollands
Zydrunas Savickas
Brian Shaw
Mariusz Pudzianowski
Mike Jenkins
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User Info: SeaIntoTheSky

4 years ago#53
1. Boxer
2. Nada
3. iloveoOv
4. Savior
5. Flash

User Info: brazil00

4 years ago#54
brazil00 posted...
Top: Shy or Darien
Jungle: uh don't know probably diamond or helios or something
Mid: can't decide between Toyz, Misaya, Alex and Froggen
ADC: Doublelift or Weixiao
Support: Lustboy or Gosu Pepper

Damn I confused Lustboy with Madlife

Definitely Madlife for support

User Info: happyscrub1

4 years ago#55
Any NBA team without Shaq as center, is just a hipster. Free baskets in his prime all game long.
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User Info: SeaIntoTheSky

4 years ago#56
SeaIntoTheSky posted...
1. Boxer
2. Nada
3. iloveoOv
4. Savior
5. Flash

This team covers all aspects of a game to it's pinnacle. Tricks/Ingenuity/Micro/Macro/Knowledge of game and abuse of mechanics/and game refinement. Good Luck beating this team not only in the game they were most dominate in(Starcraft), but also if focused to a single video game would be the dominate force in that game.

User Info: gaara999999

4 years ago#57
Michael Schumacher
Mika Hakkinen
Your Existance is a plothole - Kaiolini
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User Info: Supah_Axel

4 years ago#58
HagenEx posted...
TyrekeEvans13 posted...
From: NeoAnduril | #002
Michael Jordan
Charles Barkley
Magic Johnson
Abdul Jabbar
Scottie Pippen

Gary Payton
Michael Jordan
Kobe Bryant
Tim Duncan

1.- Jordan
2.- Jordan
3.- Jordan
4.- Jordan
5.- Jordan

Charles Barkley is the only one that can perform a chaos dunk.
Not buying SSB4 without the inclusion of the flower fairy Lip as a playable character.
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