On a massive losing streak.

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User Info: Drudax

4 years ago#1
Been couple weeks now and I can usually carry the team by AP carry mid and always dominating queuing as solo.

Lately the teams I've been getting are uncarryable and by uncarryable I mean it... jungle WWs that go 0/7 before 15 mins, bottoms that proceed to feed 5 kills each before teamfights happen. The worst of it was when I had a 20 minute surrender and every lane/jungle had 0 kills and 3+ deaths, was the only one that went positive.

Not saying only kills matter but it paints a picture of feeding with no benefit.

Are teams queuing together since S3 started or have there been changes to the matchmaking system? It's never been this bad.
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User Info: Vegerunks

4 years ago#2
It's probably saying something about your skill, no offense. But the matchmaking system matches you with people that have similar skill levels.
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