Why are NA Teams not in good shape?

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User Info: shadowtemari

4 years ago#91
themagicpainman posted...
They're too busy making excuses instead of actually improving,

RaytheRuler posted...
They're not trying hard enough. Plus Europeans and Asians are considerably more talented but still we should be able to pump of a team or 2 that's somewhat challenging to them.

And Curse needs to stop with the Katarina top, it sucks.

Mahlazer123 posted...
Because America has lots of processed foods and promotes a lazy attitude. Fatty pls.

This, Fatty pls.
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User Info: RagnarokKnight

4 years ago#92
Korean teams gets much more money for producing winning results, via prize money, and sponserships.
American players primarily make their money from streaming, with the prize money and sponsors as the bonus.

Because of that, American players would rather stream their solo queue stomps instead of scrimming (especially when many scrims aren't allowed to be streamed), because there isn't as much incentive to winning tournaments in America.

Until American culture is more accepting of competitive gaming as a career, Americans will always be behind, because they can't survive without streaming interesting and funny solo queue games.
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User Info: jepaan

4 years ago#93
Shuriko posted...
From: jepaan | #085
Shuriko posted...
From: jepaan | #081
Vonkilington posted...
USA is tired from dominating everybody in the Olympics (IE: the only event that actually matters) to win pixel wars.


USA: 0.15 Gold medals per capita.
GB: 0.46 Gold medals per capita.

Not to mention the fact that the EU got way more gold medals than the US, despite being in similar population size. Heck, GB, France and Italy got more gold medals than the US combined, and has like half the population.

If population actually mattered then China would have the most gold medals. All the U.S. does is win. Just accept it.

You don't get it, do you?
Guess I have to spell it out for you.

PRC: 0.03 Gold medals per capita.

why are you using per capita on the olympic games, which selects an equal number of participants from each country regardless of population

that is literally the epitome of derp

Assuming what you said not totally wrong, and you take the ten best of a country with 100 people, would you assume them to be better than the 10 best taken from a country with a population of 1 million?

And not that it matters, but since you apparently don't know it, each country doesn't select an equal number of participants. The American swimming team had about 50 athletes out of the total of ~650. Yet more than 150 nations participated, which by your logic, would be insane.

User Info: o___Okami

4 years ago#94
They called you exotic. Which is just people talk for awesome. Which you are.
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