Which male champion do you think would have the largest ****?

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User Info: Grimtron

4 years ago#31
TyrekeEvans13 posted...


Rin is mai Waifu
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User Info: Darius_Bot

4 years ago#32
Definitely not Garen, that golden sword is overcompensation. Clearly a man who is insecure about his sexual prowess.

User Info: Maurith

4 years ago#33
Wukong. No matter how far it is to the top, it's always within his grasp. [extends pole]
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User Info: yomamma297

4 years ago#34

Dude is so swole and manly.
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User Info: Gunzleader

4 years ago#35
they really really need to ban this board from showing up in top 10 posts...
im not a troll sorry if i offend you in anyway. RIP Everquest Online Adventures 2003-2012

User Info: Kintashi

4 years ago#36
ArtosRC posted...
From: Kintashi | #029
Orianna confirmed for Lance Armstrong in disguise.

No, because an Orianna has won something in the past few years.

This is only here to make my post look better.

User Info: SyphinHiroshima

4 years ago#37
_HeX posted...
The Last Cetra posted...
Orianna. I mean, just look at the size of her balls.

She only has the one. It wouldn't surprise me if she has erectile dysfuction.

Syndra has 3 balls, and can create like up to 7 or so, I'm sure she's got Orianna beat!
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User Info: lordlugia_rocks

4 years ago#38
Vi. No contest
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User Info: PornHandRAWR

4 years ago#39
Darius has the smallest for sure.

Viktor probably moded his.

Shen has the biggest I think, always really chill. If I was a woman i would sleep with his voice alone.
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User Info: Aerodrome2

4 years ago#40
Dudes, it's totally Nasus and Renekton, especially when they use their ultimates.
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