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Karma Mid does that scare you?

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User Info: Gevauden

4 years ago#1
Just had a Karma mid on my team and she owned the lane versus Ryze and even when Shyvana jungle came to gank, Karma still came out on top hurting them both so badly they would always retreat.

I'm about to buy Karma after I saw this, she really has it like that?

Honestly she carried the game lol.
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User Info: Ravid182

4 years ago#2
Karma mid mostly relies on the enemy having a lack of knowledge about what karma does, and baiting bad plays out of people.

User Info: Tony2Cap

4 years ago#3
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User Info: _HeX

4 years ago#4
She's obscure, you rarely see her and people don't really know how she or her kit works.

Which is why when you get a dedicated Karma player on her you can wreck some faces, I wouldn't expect the same outcome against a more experienced player though. I'd like to point out that she's getting a rework for a reason.
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User Info: TheTrueAmerican

4 years ago#5
She can compete and even win the lane, but she can't roam and her damage is horrible late game for the farm she gets.

User Info: ZimmianZisk

4 years ago#6
Karma bad lategame? all three of her spells can hit the entire enemy team with a fairly large AP ratio for AoE spells. while also helping her entire team to an equal amount. she's massive utility, even if her single-target damage isn't amazing.
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User Info: dennis941012

4 years ago#7
From: Ravid182 | #002
Karma mid mostly relies on the enemy having a lack of knowledge about what karma does, and baiting bad plays out of people.

^ people like him
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User Info: braiel91

4 years ago#8
she certainly wouldn't scare me in mid but i wouldn't play ryze against her he suffers massively against slows and hers is fairly good

User Info: Spacefrisian

4 years ago#9
Be aware that Karma is hard to get used to, high skill cap. That skill cap is also the reason why peeps think she is underpowered.

Just had a match where i had to constantly remind our mid Morgana not to underestimate Karma, she got owned none the less by that Karma due to lack of knowledge. I fixed that later on btw.
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User Info: thecrossnkight

4 years ago#10
Karma mid should be used in conjunction with a support jungle and a hyper carry top and as ADC.

I had mao + alistar + karma supporting a vayne + riven one time. Vayne was literally unkillable. Between mao's damage reduction, Alistars CC, and my ability to shield for 700+ and Heal for 500+ the entire enemy team (which included amumu, a fed talon, and ez) couldn't get her below half HP.
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