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User Info: GoldenVoid

4 years ago#1
Could anyone recommend a tanky Hero for me to buy. I have little experience with the Heroes as a noob. I am currently enjoying Garen and have my tanking going well, but I can hardly kill anything. I often run into 2 or 3 enemies and I can survive but I cannot kill anyone or even take half a health bar off. I end up with tons of assists but few kills. So I am looking to try someone else. Doesn't need to be a full-on tank, just "tanky" (ie not easily killed) - i.e. just like Garen but a bit more vicious. I don't mind ranged or melee or both.

Either that or maybe I am building Garen wrong. My build is usually heading towards...

Warmund's Armour
Atail's Impaler
Sunfire Cape
Black Cleaver
Guardian Angel or Aegis of the Legion depending on how things are going

Runes: Attack Damage reds and quints, Armour yellows, Scaling MRes blues
Masteries: 9/21/0

Many Thanks
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User Info: SheenyGod

4 years ago#2
If you want to go tanky and get easy kills just play Daruis and ult everyone when they get low
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User Info: nomore

4 years ago#3
Darius is a good call, can be very tanky and very deadly.

Other than that -

User Info: mc_mariner

4 years ago#4
I play a lot of Garen and can usually carry if need be. I can give you some tips.

I start boots/3 pots. It lets you stay in lane for a very long time and farm.

First item: Brutalizer. AD, CDR, and Armor Pen. An all around solid item.

I'll buy a Null-magic Mantle or cloth armor if my enemy is keeping up with/beating me, then build it into Ninja Tabi or Merc Treads. If I'm winning, I'll get Boots of Swiftness, as his Q frees him from slows and his W reduces incoming CC, and it helps him stick to targets while spinning.

If I'm against an AP heavy team or laning against strong AP, I'll buy a Spirit Visage.
Finish Black cleaver early.

If I haven't bought SV, I'll buy Aegis

For more AD, I'll build an IE if I'm snowballing hard.

Finishing off Aegis into Runic Bulwark eventually, especially if there are a lot of team fights.

Sunfire cape is a great source of health and armor, and the passive works great with your spin.

Garen isn't a pure tank, so don't expect to fight off 1v2 or more at full health and win. He's a great initiator and does great damage to clumped up enemies. His R is great to finish off escaping enemies, or can be used to finish off a pesky tank like Singed, as it scales on the enemies' health missing. Don't forget to use his W, as it provides 8 seconds if increased defense when maxed.

Skill order: Q, W, E to start, then R>E>Q>W.
If you have a strong tank on your team (Nautilus, Singed, Rammus, etc.) then your best build will be a slightly tanky, but more AD/Crit Chance build.

User Info: DeadpooL7

4 years ago#5
Id say you need to work on you play more... Garen is tanky and still can do lots of damage. Theres not really any champ who can do even more damage than Garen while being that tanky,

Anyway if you just want another then go with Darius like people are saying.

User Info: happyscrub1

4 years ago#6
This whole thread is full of bad. I don't even want to add my 2 cents to all this bad
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User Info: mc_mariner

4 years ago#7
Check my match history and tell me it's bad. Granted, they've been TT, I build and perform the same on SR.

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User Info: mc_mariner

4 years ago#8
In this game, I was doing so well I nuked their Ahri in the fountain. Hence the chat.

User Info: GoldenVoid

4 years ago#9
happyscrub1 posted...
This whole thread is full of bad. I don't even want to add my 2 cents to all this bad

Yet you did. What's the point of calling the thread bad without saying why you think it's bad?That's just trolling.

Thanks to everyone else who took an interest. I *am* a noob and there is no doubt I need to improve my gameplay. I feel I play quite aggressively with Garen compared to any other Hero I tried because I feel I can survive with him. Despite this I am not killing anyone else (or dying myself). Typically I get 20+ Assist but few kills, almost always < 10.

This is what I am trying to rectify, hence the thread.
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User Info: TwoForTragedy

4 years ago#10
Olaf is just too good right now, so I Dr Mundo. In general just champs that love health are good right now due to health being superior to resists.

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