Champions like ziggs for bot lane?

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User Info: danch198

4 years ago#1
Im new to this game and my friend and i keep going bottom lane together with a group of other friends. As he plays support i have been made too do carry, but from what ive read ziggs isnt very good at doing this bottom lane.

Is there any characters that play like ziggs? Ive tried tristana, caitlyn and corki all bot and i just didnt enjoy them at all anything like when i was playing ziggs anyway!

also is there anything that can be done to make ziggs more playable bottom lane?


User Info: Chrikke666

4 years ago#2
Well when it comes to carries, I was going to suggest Corki for resembling Ziggs in terms of playstyle, but you don't enjoy him.

You should try laning with other champions that like to poke in bot lane. I think for example Lulu would be a great companion for bot lane Ziggs, she has enough CC which Ziggs lacks and her W buff will make your burst a lot scarier.
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User Info: TwilightKing13

4 years ago#3
If you want to play carry botlane, I'd say you'd might want to be someone who scales off of AD, but since you're just starting you should just try out whoever you feel like trying out. If you like people likes Ziggs you could try out Ezreal, he's also very skillshot oriented.
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User Info: Xephon

4 years ago#4
Ziggs+Lulu for massive poke, bordering on burst.

Ziggs+Soraka for endless poke. If she can stack Starcall without pushing the lane too much, that's a bonus too, but good luck doing it.

Ziggs does really well against shorter range ADC champs like MF and Graves. With so many people playing Talon/Zed/Lee/Kha mid, it makes sense now more than ever.

It's important to remember no one has the DPS of a fully built ADC, so you're going to want to shut them down, force them out and win before they can get enough global gold to carry. Alternatively, your team comp could be all about shutting down the enemy ADC.
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User Info: danch198

4 years ago#5
Great suggestions thanks! never thought about the benefits if my friend played lulu tbh, ill have to mention it to him! as for ezreal, thats another champ i hadnt thought of! i may have to give him a go!

Thanks again for all the prompt replies! :)

User Info: MizunoRyuu

4 years ago#6
Ziggs isn't the right kind of carry to go bot lane. He's an AP carry, which functions very differently from AD carries. He "might" be able to lane effectively with Soraka, but I can't really think of anyone else.

AD carries are the guys who go bot with supports, because they tend to have limited crowd control and a generally poor early game, so they need someone to support them. AP carries, however, scale into mid game very well and need early levels to get their skills to deal significant damage as soon as possible. This is why they need to be alone, so that a support doesn't suck up all their EXP.

More importantly is that you're a caster, and duo lanes by nature tend to focus much more on autoattacking the enemy to death.

As for ADCs that play like Ziggs, try out Miss Fortune, Kog'Maw and Graves. They have a similar zoning play style that allows you to control the lane almost like a mage would, though not quite as well.
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