Just saw 2 Blitz grab eachother.

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User Info: funkedelike

4 years ago#11
If you lee sin dash to a kat while she Es to you, you will go towards her regardless until she is shielded, but her E is instantaneous. So you can end up going toward her old location and then back to where you were.
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User Info: ender___wiggin

4 years ago#12
Ever jumped with tristana when a blitz is pulling you? if done correctly if will rubber band sling you with a range =tristana jump range + blitz range +X push inertia.

Leaving the opposing team goin WTF hax!!
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User Info: NeoAnduril

4 years ago#13
From: iPWNtheNoobs | #001
Our blitz went flying into other Blitz, but less than half a second later, there blitz went to our Blitz' spot. Was like an Urgot ult.

If you had a gif of that you'd instantly win the internets. You'd get laid until it falls off man.

User Info: brazil00

4 years ago#14
wait if two urgot ult each other then nothing happens?

User Info: shutyourmouth03

4 years ago#15
I always thought something like that would great a black hole or something

User Info: iPWNtheNoobs

4 years ago#16
Ah, if only I recorded.
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User Info: Reaper_Minion

4 years ago#17
Two urgots ulting shouldn't be possible because the ability is instant. At best, one ult will just interrupt the other.
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User Info: Arken101

4 years ago#18
0:30 btw
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User Info: CheeseItBaggins

4 years ago#19
bobguydude1 posted...
Arken101 posted...
I once had a similar experience but instead of two blitzes grabbing each other it was my ex and my best friend.

Sad day.

i avoid things like this by not having a girlfriend. you all are the closest things i have to girlfriends strangely....

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User Info: FiNAL_D

4 years ago#20
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  3. Just saw 2 Blitz grab eachother.

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