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User Info: kickthegnome

4 years ago#1
Street Fighter? I'm actually part of an MLG team, so I suppose I could be defined as hardcore. Anyway, I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be wasting my time when I've got other great RPG's like mass effect and Dragon Age 2. Does this share anything with Street Fighter?
Amazing characters, graphics, multiplayer, etc?

User Info: Voidgolem

4 years ago#2

User Info: _HeX

4 years ago#3
Yes, everyone has supers and hypers pew pew
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User Info: kourkour

4 years ago#4
"stereotypical internet guy" -Fuzzy_Blanket

User Info: Dota2

4 years ago#5
As a Street Fighter player


User Info: xDarknezzx

4 years ago#6
this guy is an amazing troll because i know hes trolling and im still mad that he said dragon age 2 is a great RPG

User Info: CheeseItBaggins

4 years ago#7
9/10. I was pleasantly surprised.
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