have u bought real $$$ on lol before? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?! worth it?!

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  3. have u bought real $$$ on lol before? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?! worth it?!

User Info: pspmaster23

4 years ago#1
how much $ have u spent and what did u buy?!

share ur thoughts guys
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User Info: dv89

4 years ago#2
Yes, um, skins, champions, champ packs. Maybe $100.
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User Info: Dartkun

4 years ago#3
This thread again,

Over $500. Bunch of rare skins, Kitty Kat, Black Ali, etc.
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User Info: Cloud25

4 years ago#4
Started playing 2 months ago. Bought Lulu, Ahri, Riven, Jayce, and Kha'Zix, and Fizz on sale with RP. Also bought a week-long IP Boost during vacation break to fill out 2 full rune pages.

Spent $30 so far with 1729 RP still unused. And yes, I buy champions with RP. I don't give a nut about skins and I don't have time to farm IP either. Instead of spending 2-4 weeks farming, I spend 10 minutes working for the dollar bills for a champion.

User Info: happyscrub1

4 years ago#5

And I wouldn't of done it again.
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User Info: Interfusor

4 years ago#6
Yeah I bought the game for Steam way back because I wanted RP to get The Mighty Jax and it was nice to get a batch of heroes.
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User Info: AznJudge

4 years ago#7
$200. Almost all champions with a few skins, 17 rune pages. No regrets.
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User Info: sequeezey

4 years ago#8
$40. Nothing but skins and only when they're on sale.
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User Info: Arken101

4 years ago#9
Probably around 350$
Don't regret a thing.
But I'm broke now so that sucks.
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User Info: PenguinLord2324

4 years ago#10
Have played for 2 years and spent 0 dollars. No regrets.
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  3. have u bought real $$$ on lol before? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?! worth it?!

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