The number of Champions you own *20

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User Info: Bail_Tavira

4 years ago#21
600. I'd be streaming like a baws

User Info: Rydethetiger

4 years ago#22

Back to the elo my main was at before I got b&
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User Info: Chaotic Warrior

Chaotic Warrior
4 years ago#23
worse then my actual elo.
Time and time shall meet again as the threads of destiny entwine... but what if such destiny can be changed? If destiny itself was incorrect?

User Info: Drewdadruid

4 years ago#24
From: Dartkun | #003
2180 Elo

10 minute long queues. IGN: DrewDaDruid

User Info: link0099

4 years ago#25
1740, eh i guess

User Info: MetalKingBoo

4 years ago#26

Eh sounds about right, though I haven't played any ranked games yet this season
"Once there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end." - Patrick Star

User Info: robertoII

4 years ago#27
1180.... which is higher than my actual ELO...

PSN: robertoII
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