Unofficial Patch Notes on the PBE

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User Info: Dartkun

5 years ago#11
Shunpo damage reduction down to 1.5 seconds from 3 seconds.

What's even the point then?

Unless you are shunpoing to avoid timed attacks like Karth laser. That time is basically nothing. Not exactly what I'd imagine they'd to to nerf Kat...
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User Info: Dota2

5 years ago#12


User Info: happyscrub1

5 years ago#13
never seen a bigger nerf than the nerf to AP yi. LOL. His W was gutted lol
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User Info: Hyper Inferno

Hyper Inferno
5 years ago#14
Fiendish Codex might be like Ruby Crystal->Kindlegem now? Just an Amplifying Tome and some gold.
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User Info: Ork_Hero

5 years ago#15
Great I just bought masked Shaco. Bleh, First Shyv isn't that great this season now they nerf my second favorite jungler :(
'Ere we go!
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User Info: TriangularTwig

5 years ago#16
I like this. looks like AP may be back with some buffs to items like zhonya's and DFG

and some well needed nerfs, although it appears that Katarina's ult is actually getting buffed? wtf?

no more AP yi, thank god

User Info: chaoshadou

5 years ago#17
lol, they nerfed Shaco's decieve distance and gutted his E.

+ That new Ap+armor item is lolz.

Yi nerf is f****** dumb.
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User Info: Xialoh

5 years ago#18
..Why the hell the Nashor's nerf? Really?

I'm...done giving money to this company. I suspected this game would just piss me off over and over again >_>. nerfnerfnerfnerf ad infinitum.
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User Info: Jordo_d

5 years ago#19
Dynasty Warriors skins for Jarvan and Xin Zhao

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User Info: KeepItCivil

5 years ago#20
DepressedOtter posted...

Bristleback! Boo no BB this round! Fail valve releasing poopdusa over the indefatigueable bristleback surely hes next up - Hail_Berserk
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