Unofficial Patch Notes on the PBE

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User Info: Tucker4321

4 years ago#141
I only read the first few pages, But I doubt ruby crystal costs 475 since it is built from a 475 priced item.

I am assuming because the layout of the linked website is terrible, It shows the cost of the item after building all the components.

With that in mind I am assuming it costs 475+475. Dislike this myself but thats fine.

User Info: AgentReborn

4 years ago#142
G0dSlay3r posted...
No one catching on the Blitz nerfs?

Blitz now has 200 Mana at lvl 1.
Blitz's Q also costs 120 mana at all ranks.

GG lvl 1 invades with Blitz. Only one hook available.
Two hooks at lvl 2 and Blitz is all out of mana.

That's doesnt really address why people hate blitz. People hate Blitz because he lands one grab at 40 minutes and wins games

User Info: _HeX

4 years ago#143
What's with the DFG constantly getting nerfed and then buffed? Now it's getting buffed again, and why one can only begin to wonder.
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