Unofficial Patch Notes on the PBE

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User Info: Darkemaste

4 years ago#61
Lol wow they buffed DFG and made it slightly cheaper, I thought they were going to go the other way around with it. :p
New item looks interesting too, I'de assume stacks would be lost upon death (like another similar item) though if it really does build out of cloth+amplifying tome.

Although now I'm wondering what was the point of adding the fiendish codex to the Blackfire Torch recipe when it used to cost 2,950 to make before they changed it. :d
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User Info: Kishoru

4 years ago#62
Someone c/p the patch notes. Site won't load for me.
She's a few cards short of a full deck: a joker in the game, ooh.
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User Info: TriangularTwig

4 years ago#63
You still have no understanding of logic at all Twig.

i don't understand logic?

bro, you don't even know me bro. im actually a philosophy major with an emphasis on logic. deductive, inductive, symbolic, metalogic, i know it all. do you even know what the deduction theorum is NO I DONT THINK SO. i know logic much more intimately than you do. you probably couldn't even give a definition BRO

You can buy "sight control" right now for 400 except you actually burn their wards by doing so instead of just forcing them to base so they can recharge for free.

Not if they have vision wards too. you gotta place them at the right places at the right times. plus doing that costs you in the jungle if you spend your entire starting gold on wards and thats a pretty terrible idea anyways

attracting jungler attention is a good thing if you're a good player. it means their jungler is focusing on you and not your other lanes. and you're a good enough player to deal with their jungler :)

i described a way to counter it. what i described was accurate. does it completely block out the item making it worthless? no. but it makes it worth less. gosh

User Info: Z-911-Z

4 years ago#64
Landing those Blitz hooks are going to REALLLLY matter now.

And holy crap Shen nerfs.




User Info: hotshotgames

4 years ago#65
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User Info: BuIzeeb

4 years ago#66
FFS Riot, if AD casters are problematic then just f***ing nerf them, stop nerfing AD carries' itemization. Incidentally AD Yi is probably the weakest he's ever been.
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User Info: Voidgolem

4 years ago#67
From: BerserkFGriffth | #059
This patch is AMAZING (for AP mids, at least.)

And yes, they increased Kat's ult scaling, but they nerfed the Q damage. They essentially moved her damage into her ult like it was pre-rework, which I like. Not sure about the shunpo nerf (she's squishy enough as it is, I mean there's a reason that tank Kat exists).

Deathfire Grasp buffs (which was underwhelming), Zhonyas buffs, Athene's buffs. and Xin Zhao Skins, Deceive Nerf. Cho's Silence isn't ridiculous anymore, new AP/Armor item which will be fantastic with all of the AD nowadays.

And for when I play top, Elise hopefully wont be ****ing ridiculous anymore. She did WAY too much damage for not actually having to build damage.

I only wish they'd hit Kha'Zix again, and this patch would be near perfect.

I can guarantee they'll still going to cry about everything and "AP MID USELESS NOW" and soforth.

User Info: ryudo500

4 years ago#68
so what happened to nunus BB ??

User Info: Dolethor

4 years ago#69
So "bro", even though I don't "know you", please describe to me the logic and deduction theorum of "doing that costs you in the jungle" when we're talking about bot lane and support items to buy. I really want to follow your excellent logic.
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User Info: Siblingz

4 years ago#70
Cho gath nerf why

Warwick buff?
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