dont play with gmafaqs

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User Info: GujinKami

4 years ago#21
From: Barrenite | #060
but he went like 11-1 as ap mid warwick



User Info: Diorte

4 years ago#22
Xenokiro posted...
Diorte posted...
My ten year old cousin plays CoD with a kid whose tag is DevilDog. You probably played with a 10 year old Riven.

What the heck is going on around here? Today I've been accused of leaving games, being a ten year old baddie and other things? I've done nothing but be an upstanding player with the Gfaqs in game crew. When I get invites I let someone know before hand that I'm not the greatest and I'm always assured that its fine.

I also always look to you guys for great advice and always appreciate all the help that I get when I ask.

I have NEVER left a match with you guys, NEVER raged, any of that.
Why are ppl suddenly dragging my name in the mud like this?

You know when people came on here when the "introduce yourselves lurkers". Thread was made and people were saying dont play with Gfaqs cause they're a bunch of self entitled elitist jerks I defended you guys and I was nothing but friendly and open armed to all the new people that started to come to the in game chat.

Is this is how I will be treated then ill just play this game alone from now on.

I will miss helpful people such as mugentenks,myakko, voidgolem, africabot and some few others. Thank you all for every thing.

P.s. I will love you forever spamato <3

Woa don't be so sensitive~
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