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Season 3 Mordekaiser

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User Info: Stalky24

4 years ago#1
I think Morde got some love this season and I think he might be a force to reckon with once again (especially since melee AD mids are so popular atm and Morde eats them, especially Kha if you max your Q, since it has great "isolated" bonus too).
Especially attaching E on him helped a lot fluency of his playstyle imo.

Morde's problem was always kiting and staying in range. His only weapon used to be Rylai's, which helps, but is not that great.

There are some items, however, that seem great on him:

- Twin Shadows: gives him good CC that he needs. But it has huge CD. On the other hand Morde with Twin Shadows+Rylai's can hunt down enemy teams.
- Deathfire Grasp. Gives all stats Morde likes and enhances his ult damage. Just beautiful pick on him.
- Liandry's: Stick with theme of hp% along with DFG.
- Warmogs: Good on anyone, especially on those, who use HP as spell cost.

So I'd probably rush Twin Shadows and sustain myself with pots pre-spell vamp. It's cheap item built off gp10 item, so it will be finished quickly. Along with MS runes, it gives a bit more than unfinished boots and once ganked (and you will get ganked), you can shoot off two wolves and run under turret. Then Hextech and rest depends on situation (Id say Giant Belt and either Rylai's or Warmog's and then DFG or just rush DFG if you can).

User Info: FreshSushi

4 years ago#2

Morde got straight up nerfed S3. SV got nerfed. DFG was butchered than kinda patched up (Morde functioned way better with old DFG). Deathcap got nerfed. Early spell pen got nerfed unless you also rushed haunting guise (liandry is turrible on Morde). The introduction of pot spam start destroyed Morde's ability to gain an advantage early game (before, he could actually win lanes if you were better than your opponent no matter the champ early game, now it's either lose or stall). Warmogs being a good item on everybody is a nerf to Morde, as Morde never needed HP, he gets that from doing damage, that's his whole gimmick. When everyone has warmogs which is an extreme counter to burst type casters, he is nerfed as he is a burst type caster, having basically no poke mid->late game.

Twin shadows and liandry are extremely meh items that wouldn't even need to exist of Morde could still instagib everyone mid game, which he can't do anymore cause of all the changes. Rylai's has also always been bad on Morde as the slow is miniscule w/ all of Morde's abilities and as I said before, Morde is one of the few people that don't benefit from HP in the least.
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User Info: matrix0523

4 years ago#3
What do you generally build on Mordekaiser TC?
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User Info: gfshynobl

4 years ago#4
nah morde is crappier now.
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User Info: G0dSlay3r

4 years ago#5
SV as in Spirit Visage? Sorry man, but that got buffed.
Yes it costs more, but the stats it gives are good.

DFG is now even more awesome on him, the fact that it has high AP rating (soon to be buffed to 120 AP) means that he can rush it instead of Deathcap and still wreck things.
Only drawback? Higher cost.

You say that mass-pot starts ruined Morde?
Erm, what's stopping Morde from doing the same?

Also, there's a new item coming that's supposed to be used as a new component for Zhonya's, sort of like a Hexdrinker for AP's.
It's supposed to build out of two Cloth Armors and an Amp Tome, will give AP and Armor and will also give additional Armor and AP for every unit killed(that includes minions and champs).

So yeah. Go 9-13 Health Potions Morde mid and laugh at anyone not doing the same. The buff to base movespeed for all champs makes that effective right now.
Want to be even more of a scumbag? Take 3 Health Regen Quints and laugh as your spells will have practically zero cost with that added regen.

User Info: professor x

professor x
4 years ago#6
Morde is simply bad in s3. The nerf to resist hurt him the hardest, plus WoTA change is a giant slap in the face. Warmong easily counter Morde's damage, and Morde has no way to counter build save going full glass canon (which is garbage). Morde always had a bad early game and is a giant gank bait. But he made it up by being a huge bully once he gets WoTA. Now he is just bad early game and mid game. Late game Morde is still a monster and he still have one of the best wave clear in the game. But good luck going to late game without being 5k gold or more behind because your team is 4vs5 the last 30 min.
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User Info: Wafflesquad

4 years ago#7
Ask me about warspoons.

User Info: TomorrowDog

4 years ago#8
Abyssal Scepter
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User Info: Shadow Edge

Shadow Edge
4 years ago#9
Morde uses Visage?

I think you're sorely underestimating Liandry on Morde. Morde's ult lasts 10 seconds. Liandry does 1.66% damage per second for DoT spells. It adds 16% on the damage alone, which needs 400AP to be done. It's not a rush item for him. It's not even core, but it's certainly a nice alternative choice for him.

I frequently start 2 wards + pots on him so I don't see how he has an issue with it. In fact, it was a buff for him, because not starting with boots doesn't put him at a severe disadvantage anymore. I personally find it easier to lane with Morde nowadays just because I can get away with pot spamming much better.

From: professor x | #006
Warmong easily counter Morde's damage, and Morde has no way to counter build save going full glass canon (which is garbage).

Er, the counter against Morde is to stop him from casting spells (hard CC + silence), or burst him before he even gets his shield up, or kite him forever. He doesn't care about Warmogs because that just puts the fight in his favor. Morde has a strong burst, but he's ridiculously strong at sustained fights as well. If you can't output enough damage, Morde will just beat you. His passive is pretty much a 105% spell vamp.

This topic has an unbelievable amount of bad Mordes, I'm starting to think it's just trolling.

User Info: FlareZero

4 years ago#10
Morde got nerfed this season due to the changes in the game. SV is an okay item on him, though I wouldn't call it a core or rushed item (even into Liandry). I'd still rather go Revolver > DFG > Deathcap > Situational. Due to the slight jungle change, I don't like how he can't farm wraiths as well before. It's a drawback early game for me. And there is never any need for Morde to attempt to get CC. Your team should have some sort of crowd control because Morde's an insane burst champ (aka anti-carry) to shut someone down.
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