Let's talk about how the new "Evelynn tier" for this season is "Shaco tier."

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  3. Let's talk about how the new "Evelynn tier" for this season is "Shaco tier."

User Info: twopoundcow

4 years ago#11
Doesn't get seen in competitive play, now Riot doesn't want him to be seen in solo queue.

Right after releasing a skin for him. Good job, Riot.

He constantly has a very high win rate and a fairly high ban rate, so a nerf....fine.

But the change on his e is breaking him. The q nerf is fine, a possible change on his e, maybe fine. But completely taking off the passive slow is brutal.

Perhaps make the passive slow half as effective as the active slow, to make it more of a trade off.

User Info: Rising Chaos

Rising Chaos
4 years ago#12
Shaco will always be a broken POS until they remove his stealth blink and free wards that CC people. I wish he wasn't even in the game, he's flat-out infuriating to play against.

IceBarrage posted...
they decreased the time a JITB stays alive for inactivated (albeit that was a few months ago)

You forgot the part where they made it impossible to damage the things while stealthed making it impossible to avoid the damage/CC, even if you know where one is, short of simply avoiding that area for the next minute.
"Pokey and the man."

User Info: casperrulez

4 years ago#13
This does nothing to stop the terror that is TAPS Shaco

Kadabra025 posted...
Shaco is banned almost all the time at top elo.
Please expand your knowledge of the game before you make stupid posts like this. (Karma Tier)

l0l at thinking Karma is even near the worst champ
ThisIsOchoa anywhere it matters
Nothing I post is relevant. Ever.

User Info: shadow99226

4 years ago#14
DartDragoon posted...
I really don't think anyone gives a **** about Shaco except people who plays Shaco. And if you do, you're the worst kind of people.


User Info: LarcyBrown

4 years ago#15
this thread is irrelevant just like the amumu ult nerf previous patch, these nerfs will very probably NOT go through.Start complainning if its actually annonce not when its posted on PBE.
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  3. Let's talk about how the new "Evelynn tier" for this season is "Shaco tier."

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