So lets say i wanted to play support fiddlesticks for the lolz

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  3. So lets say i wanted to play support fiddlesticks for the lolz

User Info: ssupermario92

4 years ago#1
what would be the ideal build + runes for supportfiddle?
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User Info: Zeroisahero

4 years ago#2
mpen reds
armor yellow
gold per sec quints
mr blues

same as support zyra

get sightstone then start building him like ap mid.
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User Info: Featherwind

4 years ago#3
I think I already typed this elsewhere but:

Almost all support Fiddles I've seen start with E then level Q maybe occasionally taking a rank in W if they need heal. Some Fiddles go for AP runes but most go for tanky gold support and to me that's what seems to be the most viable support Fiddle build but then I don't really play him. You should probably try AP runes too and AP start is probably viable vs. some bots so keep two pages if you play Draft Pick.

For build just regular bland support should work but the new Twin Shadows thing could have some synergy with his skills (Q but also ult). His unique build twist is probably that he can use CDR well and he also can use AP to some extent.

In bot you can harass with E at level 1. It can deal very high damage. I've seen it do 220+ easily to the target it hits 3 times if it bounces between champions. At level 2 and when the minions come (E doesn't prioritize champions) you damage potential is drastically lowered but you can now CC to set up or protect your partner. I wouldn't pick your starting spell at pool obviously being able to fear someone at level 1 can be very beneficial if you get the opportunity. W doesn't do much to enemies unless leveled but it can be used to heal up in lane and gain some extra survivability in fights if you think it is worth it. Ult is tricky to use both in lane and in teamfights but it has very high base damage and definitely shouldn't be underrated. In team fights you again can fear people and silence with E. Q has an unusually high duration and a middling cooldown so obviously it has a lot of uses.

Support Fiddles might seem gimmicky first and indeed he isn't perfect but he has 3 extremely dangerous abilities and any of them can easily turn the tide of the fight or the game. By no means should he underrated and his lore actually fits his in-game behavior pretty well: "Those who say 'you have nothing to fear but fear itself' have not yet felt the crows."
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  3. So lets say i wanted to play support fiddlesticks for the lolz

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