Bad at this game, want to improve, need help with Nasus

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User Info: BenWhoDrowned

4 years ago#1
Okay, so, I suck at this game (I'm still level 15) but I really enjoy it and would like to improve. I mostly lose most of my games, but manage to win sometimes.

Now, I'm on a 4-win streak with Nasus, which might be luck, but I'm starting to enjoy him. The thing is, I know I make many mistakes in his build and while playing. Can you help me spot what they are?

Summoner Spells: Teleport + Ignite

Skill Build: R > Q > W > E

Runes: Haven't got any.

Item Build (final): Berserker's Greaves w/ Furor, Warmogs, Guardian Angel, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer OR Static Shiv, Bloodthister.

Item Build (order): I start the game with the ruby which boosts HP. Then I go boots 1, rush warmogs, BF sword, boots 2, IE. Then I go PD and BT. GA is always the last. If I'm going Static Shiv, I rush an Avarice Blade early game. I never buy any wards because I think they delay my build.

In-game: I try to stay in the lane all the time and only go back when my Teleport is up. I normally go top. I'm good at last-hitting, but I get ganked and die 3-4 times per game during the lane phase. Still, at my level, I feel that the players don't know how to end a game, so it normally drags and I think Nasus is pretty good late game, so I somehow end up 13/8/5 or something like this.

What can I do to improve, please?

User Info: Charisma93

4 years ago#2
Press d to dance

User Info: shrimp1992

4 years ago#3
Go on and look up a guide.
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User Info: Biglabron

4 years ago#4
google Hyfe nasus guide
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User Info: Vaynard5

4 years ago#5

Even at 15 you should be able to win your lane if you farm Q decently and follow that general build.
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User Info: Frostshock

4 years ago#6
Nasus' damage comes from hitting people frequently with heavily farmed Qs. You can be tanky for most of your items, and you want cooldown reduction.

Build something like

Philo Stone
Glacial Shroud
Merc Treads (furor)
Iceborn Gauntlet
Aegis into Bulwark or Spirit Visage as appropriate (SV will give you redundant CDR at this point unless you didn't get Shurelya's)

Pure DPS Nasus might give you success against bad teams, but it's 35 minute unkillable Nasus that destroys teams.
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User Info: PandaPoacher

4 years ago#7
As many people have posted already, you seem to be building a normal "ADC" build, ie damage. Try to go for more tanky.
Boots - Ninja Tabi or Mercury Treads, try to see which one is a better situational,
Iceborn Fist or Frozen Mallet
Frozen Heart
Maw of Malmorphous (or however the hell you spell it...)

Basically build for a tank, and ult, jump in, and disable the ADC with W :P

User Info: pk1285

4 years ago#8
Well In general you want to last hit, which means that you get the killing blow on minions, which grants you more gold, this allows you to get items.

And as nasus, last hitting is important, because if you last hit with his q it gains damage, so if you are able to last hit well, you will essentially be a good nasus, as long as you have map awareness and play safe until you know you can kill your opponent.

Right now at level 15 there will be no junglers, or shouldn't be. This means unless you can get Nasus mid, then you will have to share a lane, this is not what Nasus wants, he wants a lane to himself (solo top), where he will be able to farm his q freely.
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