Worst support you've seen when someone is NOT trolling

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User Info: Megeas

4 years ago#11
had a fiora try to support but that's trolling

Teemo wanted to support but spent most of his time invisible waiting for me to push with our jungle and get a kill shot.

User Info: Frostshock

4 years ago#12
iiTryhard posted...
anyone who plays support nidalee

I would rather lane against any ADC with two Blitzcranks than a support Nidalee. I can't dodge spears. I am the player that makes people pick support Nidalee.
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User Info: Zerothma

4 years ago#13
I had a Nunu who didn't bloodboil me and I was the ADC.

Ok, fine, I'm sure he's leveling iceblast first.

*Hits someone with iceblast for 40 damage*


I had to ask him to bloodboil me every time or else he wouldn't use it. Never warded either.
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User Info: PokemonNeopets8

4 years ago#14
every time I have a lux 'support'
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User Info: The_Weegee

4 years ago#15
I'm amazed no one has said Shaco yet. >__>
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User Info: Demetricus

4 years ago#16
I jokingly went support Jarvan and up until lvl 3 it worked. From then I got a double kill because the adc wussed out of the engagement, thought lets get some damage. Snowballed like a monster, it was glorious.
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