This game is infuriating.

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User Info: MrGible

4 years ago#1
So after wining 3 games in a row last night I go on and play today.

Game 1: Ashe.
Play ADC they say, you can carry late game. What the hell is a late game when their Zed is 16/2 by 19 minutes

Game 2: Jayce
So I get 3 way ganked at 10 min and Lux, Garen, Udyr dive me. I ask for a gank to even the field but jungler ganks other lanes instead. This 3 way dive happens again at 17 minutes. Jungler claims she's helping other lanes. I look at score and its 10-8. I tell her that letting Garen get ahead will end the game. And this just snowballs on even though I'm still ahead of everyone in farm.

Game 3: Ryze
Top DC's after first death.

Game 4: Cho Gath mid.
Im legitimately 12-0, but vayne fed their graves and our jungle xin which had no smite no machete fed their kha zix and akali kept going 1-1 with their Jax who scales better. I haven't even died to Mordekaiser and his final score is 11-7-11. My team is full of people who run off alone, don't cooperate and don't listen at all to no matter who's making the calls.
Evidence is absolute. Logic is flawed.

User Info: Gevauden

4 years ago#2
That's your first time having a row of horribads on your team?

Get use to it bud, until you and I make up a real team of players who play for fun and actually want to win, till that day comes say hi to the trolls the babies the ragers and verbal abusers and lets not forget Premade Duo bots those are my favorite type of people.

Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride.
ign- Gonk stalk me if you dare :)

User Info: BlueJoneleth

4 years ago#3
That's why you mostly play with friends.
By refusing to kill your enemy, you'll endanger all the people he'll meet after you. - Gemini no Kanon -
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