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User Info: kurimawtaktak

5 years ago#11
Styxinator posted...
Use the free 400RP on a 3150IP/4800IP champion that is on sale. I was really a noob and used it to buy Sivir who is a cheap 450ip champion.

Yeah I purchased Katarina. Anyways, is there a way to obtain skins besides riot points?
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User Info: Moist_Towlette

5 years ago#12
After that 400 free the only way to obtain them is to buy them.

If you're anything like me for the first few months you will refuse to do this.

Then down the road you'll buy one or two.

And then after that you buy one skin for every champ you play...

...and then everyone that goes on sale for a champ you like.

*Owns every Veigar skin except for Leprechaun and Curling.*
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