Champs with weird rune pages?

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User Info: Golden_Mean

4 years ago#1
Besides akali and full crit sona/gangplank, I can't think of any off the top of my head. Lots of IP to spend and nothing to spend it on.
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User Info: kourkour

4 years ago#2
From: Golden_Mean | #001
full crit sona

You lost me there.
"stereotypical internet guy" -Fuzzy_Blanket

User Info: DartDragoon

4 years ago#3
Power Chord crit + Hymn of Valor = Dead squishy or nearly dead anything else
GT: AstroZombie29
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User Info: TheBigCheese42

4 years ago#4
Full crit-damage support Ashe.
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User Info: bwlfro5

4 years ago#5
poppy ad quints mag pen marks (can do the same with shen)
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