Thresh Login Screen and Music

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User Info: DarkestPanda

4 years ago#11
I love it.

User Info: FlameLord23

4 years ago#12
OmegaFlare18 posted...
kinda tired of the whole "creepy little girl singing a nursery rhyme" thing but everyone on GD is freaking out like it's the Exorcist theme or something

Well that makes sense. Most of the people on GD are younger than the kids in the song.
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User Info: bobguydude1

4 years ago#13
well im not sleeping tonight
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User Info: themagicpainman

4 years ago#14
It's a bit cliche sure, but damn if it ain't fitting. And certainly a bit creepy.

Plus I enjoyed Nightmare on Elm Street so all the better.
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User Info: Stalky24

4 years ago#15
"ELO hell theme song"

lol youtube comments are sometimes so funneh

User Info: _HeX

4 years ago#16
Not the most original idea, but I like it. It's creepy and very fitting. A lot better than the disaster that was Vi's theme.
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User Info: Masemune_100

4 years ago#17
They released Elise instead of........that on Halloween? I know there's development times and whatnot, but I'd have timed all of that with Thresh's release, especially if you were going for a theme song that's basically a Freddy Krueger reference.
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User Info: JJrooot

4 years ago#18
wow.... such...creepy music
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User Info: Divinewargod

4 years ago#19
The login kinda reminds me of this:

... Which makes me pretty happy considering my signature.
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