Post your actual "Lucker" stories

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User Info: Hell0nEarth

4 years ago#41
Is_Corrupted posted...
So I went mid and got owned by Teemo and died twice and then people started being mean and I started running around pushing lanes and then Ahri disconnected and I jumped in teamfights and died while doing MASSIVE SLOWS so my team won that teamfight and then I started warding their jungle and pushing lanes cause everyone was always in teamfights and being mean so I took 2 turrets down then Ashe killed me and Teemo's shrooms were doing 900 damage so I picked up some more AP and I pinged baron and my team went baron while I went to push top again and died because Wukong has a stick damn cheater but my team won the next teamfight so I placed wards everywhere and stole someone's kill to fake being useful and he said stop feeding and Ahri reconnected so I went top against her and killed her and my team said GJ VLAD and then ignite finished me and Tryn was like lol or not and then they won another fight and they took mid inhib and then I helped push top and we took top tower and inhib down then we finished them off and we destroyed the nexus towers then we hit the nexus until very very low hp then my 4 teammates jumped in the ennemy fountain and I DESTROYED THE NEXUS THAT'S RIGHT I DID MEEEEEE. :D

That's how I won. :) You should try this too. Vlad is secret OP

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ||||||||||||||||||||||||| ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

User Info: Iravention94

4 years ago#42
Yesterday while playing draven i tried to ult the low jax at top from bot. On the way there it hit and killed the amumu in his jungle, hit and not kill jax but kill the eve in the bush behind him who was teleporting home.
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