Xin...hyper carry?

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User Info: gkh5

4 years ago#1
Until warmog's is nerfed at least. So I played with a Xin last night who carried as hard as I've seen just about anyone carry a game. He ended up 25/7/x. The thing was, he was against a 2 v 1 top lane so he wasn't all that fed or farmed at midgame. But he went mogs, brut (ghostblade later), atma's, visage, and statik shyv...and proceeded to jump in 1 v 5 coming out with triple kills. Just thought I'd share.

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User Info: mantana888

4 years ago#2
Going 1v2 in top lane is a great way to get fed
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User Info: Airsoftcomeback

4 years ago#3
Xin is actually good now with the BC changes and BotRK.

He does good damage, has a knockback and a knockup on like what a 5 second cd?

Beats a lot of tops, mids and can jungle well.

Very underrated.
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User Info: Sir Spiffy Cape

Sir Spiffy Cape
4 years ago#4
Really depends on enemy team.

Xin is an assassin bruiser. If the enemy has tankier champions that can peel effectively like Alistar or Malphite, Xin will rely on being fed. If not, Xin has a gap closer and an ult that makes sure whoever he is gap closing to becomes isolated so he can have his way with whoever he wants until he is fed.
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User Info: TomorrowDog

4 years ago#5
He's very effective and capable of becoming unstoppable. This goes for a lot of champions though, snowballing can happen for anyone.

2v1 top honestly isn't that big of a deal unless the enemy had really good champions for pressure and knew what they were doing. Besides, a good jungler on the opposing team is one of the better ways to counter Xin I believe.
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