If you get banned, you should get the money you spent on RP back.

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User Info: Oximofo

4 years ago#121
Icedragon26 posted...
Part III, section E of the League of Legends Terms of Use (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/legal/termsofuse):

E. Suspension/Termination.



3. By the Community via Crowd Sourcing. Riot Games has empowered its community ... should The Tribunal determine that you have acted in contravention of any one of the Riot Games policies, Riot Games may, in its sole and absolute discretion, ban your use of the Game and suspend, terminate and/or delete your Account.

Every time Riot releases a new patch, you are forced to re-agree to the above terms and conditions, as well as getting an opportunity to review them. Riot doesn't have to do s*** for people who get banned, as they accepted the Terms of Use, and in doing so, accepted that Riot isn't liable for anything.

1 is quoted out of context fyi. I believe they give perimeters for why they can in other sections. You cannot do what number one says, without fraudulent consequences. Even the evil and hardcore EULA and DRMs. NOTHING allows you to systematically break a service rendered contract legally in most countries.
Mr. Ami Suzuki
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User Info: C810

4 years ago#122
That makes no sense. Just because you were foolish enough to do thing that will get you banned doesn't mean that Riot owes you the money you spent. If you lost a gift card, the retailer doesn't owe you for it. Same principle applies
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User Info: mjc0961

4 years ago#123
If you don't want to lose that money, don't do things that would earn you a ban in the first place. Derp.
"Jak and Daxter does not have a sequel so that doesn't prove anything." - DesperateMonkey

User Info: marceloxlr

4 years ago#124
It's funny how TC stopped posting on page 6/7.
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User Info: Ravid182

4 years ago#125
I don't think people realize the amount of stuff you have to actually do to get permabanned.

It is quite a lot actually.

User Info: Pezofpower

4 years ago#126
ImpurePariah posted...
Pezofpower posted...
ImpurePariah posted...
Pezofpower posted...
Trash talk is trash talk is trash talk. It doesn't matter what it's about It doesn't matter who said it and about what. I doesn't even matter if the words were charged or not. Outside of deliberate harassment of another person (I'm talking like Friend them so you can harass them when the green light shows up) it should really just be let go.

What about when a player gets suspended from a game for trash talking on twitter, like in the NBA.

Trash talk is not always trash talk.

Sometimes it's pure hate and anger.

Read harder. See: Deliberate Harassment

I am allowed to hate and be angry at anyone I choose. So what if it happens to be 0 people? Lol=/= NBA being a member of the NBA means you don't get to do that without a penalty. We are not discussing weather or not TC is wrong,TC is obviously wrong. We are discussing weather or not TC SHOULD be wrong and he should not be because there is functionality in the game to stop people from bothering you. People need to get over their ego and realize they probably aren't as good as they thing they are.

And that means it's OK to belittle them?

There is a clear difference between saying, "OMG ASHE U R SOOOO BAD NEWB," versus saying something like, "Ashe next time you should try to use x first, and buy y."

One gives constructive criticism, one is just hate.

"Lol=/= NBA being a member of the NBA means you don't get to do that without a penalty."

And you, everyone else who plays LoL agreed to their contract, which means you don't get to do that without a penalty.

Exactly like the NBA.

TD;LR Yes there is trash talking in all sports, and in LoL. Yes the severe get caught and punished. Just like in all sports, and in LoL.

Go play any little league sport.

The first thing you learn is Sportsmanship. Believe it or not, it still happens in pro sports.

I've already covered your first point. TC is wrong for violating the terms on which he agreed to play, however I'm not advocating that. I am however advocating that he be allowed his freedom to speak his mind. Teams in LoL are unaccountable players that you are seemingly FORCED to speak with (banned for not communicating wtf?) The problem with your sportsmanship ideology online is that it's a highly impersonal medium. I don't know you. Nor do I care about your feelings. I'm never going to meet you. << These are all the things that are realistic/characteristic of such a medium. More importantly there is a FEATURE in the software that allows to not hear or be heard by people if you so choose. Having this very feature and still having trash talking be a bannable offense is a hypocrisy.

Telling someone they are bad/they should uninstall is and should be completely fair game. Why? You don't owe it to them to help them improve firstly. Secondly they are hurting your standing if they are bad, which is unfair to you as a player and why they weren't so good in the first place could be entirely based on a lack of consideration on the part of the worse player. Even in real sports you hold your teammates accountable for their performance, because if you don't it hurts you. This cannot be done in LoL so frustration and the expression thereof should be very fair.

User Info: Pezofpower

4 years ago#127
Merydia posted...
Pezofpower posted...

I doubt anyone who does get trash talked is really any good though and therein lies the problem because their feelings got hurt for being told the truth in a not so nice manner.

Over my many years online, I have seen/heard that argument in the bold very often -- essentially that people need to have thicker skin. However, claiming someone needs to have thick skin is really just a red herring for abusive behavior.

Having thick skin is nice, but it's only useful against people who are behaving inappropriately to begin with. I don't find it sensible that you are essentially protecting people who find abuse plausible and blaming their victims for the issue at large. How thick someone's skin is wouldn't matter to begin with if people exercised better control over their behavior.

You said it yourself: someone gets hurt because someone else wasn't very nice. Indeed, that second person could have just been nice from the beginning; they're not giving up anything by doing so and most people are much more receptive to criticism when it's candid and thoughtful, even tactful.

Thick or thin skin isn't even the problem, it's that there is a feature to disable you from being bullied and so somehow it's still an acceptable punishment to ban people when you have to literally submit yourself to the punishment in the first place. This isn't the real world where I can't just mute you. I have to want you to keep being horrible to me to let it happen and then have thin skin on top of that. It's not the victims fault that they are being victimized initially but to allow it to continue to happen to the point they feel the need to report someone completely and utterly is. What you deem unacceptable or reasonable quite possibly will not stack up with what I find to be acceptable, so how is it fair to ban someone on that premise? I think swearing for example is totally ok. Whereas you may not. How is it fair to either of us if we find each other unreasonable. But for whatever reason because your dialect is more polite you are looked upon positively innately and that much is bogus, especially when if you find me unacceptable, once again you can just make me go away. It's stupid.

User Info: DesentSix

4 years ago#128
it aint a coincidence that jesus is dead if you know what im sayin

User Info: Yoketa

4 years ago#129
I just bought this new car!

Dang! I got pulled over 4 times for DUI and got my license taken away!

The law is broken! I should be refunded my car's money!

Yes. That is totally how it works. Deal with it, Nerd.

User Info: kyokunchan

4 years ago#130
kaysa13 posted...
You should try reading the EULA first before playing any online game then.

Ya....which works until you spent money back in closed beta/before they added the cry baby tribunal. I've proven with facts now that they send you the chat logs that you get banned just for playing the game. I've been banned for "trash talking" the other team because in post game chat I destroyed them all game long, and they laughed they were gonna report me, when I have the option on that I can't use/see all chat. If you get X amount of reports, you get warned, then get banned. Riot doesn't give a damn or check any of it. If I knew they were gonna make who can or can't play this game to the option of trolls, I'd have never spent money on the game ever.
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