If you get banned, you should get the money you spent on RP back.

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User Info: Merydia

4 years ago#151
Pezofpower posted...
Thick or thin skin isn't even the problem, it's that there is a feature to disable you from being bullied and so somehow it's still an acceptable punishment to ban people when you have to literally submit yourself to the punishment in the first place. This isn't the real world where I can't just mute you. I have to want you to keep being horrible to me to let it happen and then have thin skin on top of that. It's not the victims fault that they are being victimized initially but to allow it to continue to happen to the point they feel the need to report someone completely and utterly is. What you deem unacceptable or reasonable quite possibly will not stack up with what I find to be acceptable, so how is it fair to ban someone on that premise? I think swearing for example is totally ok. Whereas you may not. How is it fair to either of us if we find each other unreasonable. But for whatever reason because your dialect is more polite you are looked upon positively innately and that much is bogus, especially when if you find me unacceptable, once again you can just make me go away. It's stupid.

Muting someone doesn't stop that person from continuing their behavior with someone else. I believe the idea is to truncate the issue before it gets anywhere. Otherwise, it's essentially the same as telling any other breed of troublemaker to simply find a new target if they can't find success with their current.

I agree with your argument that perception is an integral part of exchanges between people online, but I disagree that there is not a clear denominator of common sense. Behavior between friends is one thing, how you treat strangers is another. This is something the majority of us learn as children and that is expected in either professional or casual environments involving people that we don't know.

I personally find it very difficult to give any individual leeway to swear at or be rude to another over a mistake or shortcoming. If the person is behaving rudely with you to begin with, then I couldn't care less -- but if someone is slipping up or simply isn't very good at something, I find any level of abuse to be an intolerable and inappropriate response that is very indicative of emotional laziness. It's the old adage of "treat people how you want to be treated" -- in this case, if you violate their space with inappropriate behavior (see common sense), then they take actions to remove you from their space and ensure that you aren't capable of that behavior in the future.

In truth, I understand the angle of your argument but I don't feel that it holds well. It grasps too strongly at the shield of subjectivity, when I think it's clear that most people feel the concept of treating another human being well is a fairly objective ordeal. After all, if we didn't understand what that means, how could we so easily debate around the subject and provide examples? I think we all know what inappropriate really means and know that it isn't very open to personal interpretation or liberties.
"You can use logic to justify almost anything. That's its power, and its flaw." -Kathryn Janeway

User Info: Pezofpower

4 years ago#152
The reality is though, that some people are earnestly devoid of common sense. Combined with the issue of perception Riot is basically committing thievery by your logic, and you are condoning it thusly. Especially since there's the option to not talk which is also punishable.

The fact of the matter is, Riot is giving people options for unacceptable behavior and banning them when people decide not to use their resources. If I swear at you, and you don't block me that's your choice, the ball is in the victims court in it's entirety in this way. So IF I decide to lose it I lose my account and it's invested money because you decided to respond eye for an eye style.

In Wizard 101 you outright aren't allowed to swear, you can't even submit to the chat log if your words are picked up by the filter.

If riot does any less than that they shouldn't be allowed to ban people because THEY ALLOW IT in their software when it's something that can be changed, it's entirely their control and prerogative which once again is bogus beyond the EULA defense which grows thin these days IMO.

User Info: ImpurePariah

4 years ago#153
Pezofpower posted...
ImpurePariah posted...
Pezofpower posted...


Being behind, not seeing someone does not mean it's OK to act like a jerk. It just gives the ones who are jerks in real life, easier access and more freedom. The freedom comes from the lack of consequences. If you insult someone in real life like I've seen in some LoL matches, a fight would surely ensue. So Riot decides to implement their own consequences, and rightfully so. So those people who do act like jerks anonymously online do see bans.

Normally, teammates do not insult each other in pro sports. It happens online because of the anonymity. Holding teammates accountable is NOT insulting them. When a NFL player misses a catch, does the line start hurling derogatory terms at him?

Again I cannot disagree more with this statement. "Even in real sports you hold your teammates accountable for their performance, because if you don't it hurts you. This cannot be done in LoL so frustration and the expression thereof should be very fair."

Holding YOUR TEAMMATE accountable is NEVER cursing at them, trying to bring them down, belittle them, and insult them. Never ever ever.

You and I are different people. I do care about others feelings. I don't want to go out of my way to insult others. I have, but it's not my original intent. Of course I fight fire with fire. But I do not go into a match not caring if I piss everyone off and curse at everyone.

And therein lies the problem and why it's bogus in the first place. I rip on my teammates, even my IRL friends all the time. I don't hate them as a person but am I frustrated/pissed about shortcomings sure. Do I let em hear about it? You bet.
Once again what you think is reasonable conduct doesn't apply to everyone else. You just happen to be an internet paladin who thinks candy coating the truth to preserve others' feelings is the righteous thing to do. Most people are real about it, and once again hold their teammate accountable. They don't have to be nice about it, it's not their job to be, and it's their right to express it thus if they chose. League of legends in of itself is hardly a sport. Yes it belongs to the Esports scene en masse however; if you are on a esports team you are not playing with randoms with 0 accountability and you have team members who you legitimately care about because they aren't some faceless internet scrubling.

Again, you don't play team sports.

Let's see if your high school coach lets you curse out your teammates saying the same things said in LoL.

You think that's correct behavior?

There in lies the problem.
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User Info: dennis941012

4 years ago#154
People don't get banned after few games YOU GET BANNED AFTER HUNDREDS OF REPORT
sigh >_>
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User Info: Scoregasmic

4 years ago#155
I've never once even had a suspension on my account but I'm pretty mixed on how the system works. I don't really like the idea of a tribunal, do your own job Riot. Most players I've met in this game are completely irrational. These are the last people you need judging others.

As far as trash talk goes there is nothing wrong with good mannered trash talk. However the first time I see someone take it over the line I mute them. I don't care if they're talking to me, a teammate or someone on the other team. It's not something I want to see filling up the chatbox.
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User Info: deoxxys

4 years ago#156
iiTryhard posted...

People get told they suck at things in real life all the time. There's no ban feature in real life, it's just an excuse for little nerd kids to hide behind their computers and get a false sense that they hold some power over another human being when the reality is they most likely can't go to a normal school or be out in public since they get chastised for their inability to stand up for themselves.

this comment made me lol, actually you are really wrong Dolphin.

because on the internet, there are EVEN MORE a-holes then real life, why? Because they know they can hide behind their computers and say whatever they want, and barely anyone has any rules to stop them.

Therefore, I think Riot is a pretty cool guy.

Gamefaqs mods however, Im not even mean and I get modded for the most insignificant and trivial things.
"Any Goat on a cliff would tell you that.."
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User Info: Pezofpower

4 years ago#157
ImpurePariah posted...
Pezofpower posted...
ImpurePariah posted...
Pezofpower posted...



Again, you don't play team sports.

Let's see if your high school coach lets you curse out your teammates saying the same things said in LoL.

You think that's correct behavior?

There in lies the problem.

LoL isn't a High School team. Never mind the fact that LoL is barely considered a sport by most people. More importantly, even if coach DIDN'T let you get away with that most players would do it in the locker room where coach isn't around, and when they do the social repercussions for being a snitch are far worse than being thin skinned.

Weather or not I personally think it's correct behavior is entirely beside the point. I'm not the one who has to feel this way It could be anyone. Some people don't even go to high school and have the social skills you're talking about and then they come to LoL not necessarily knowing what is or is not acceptable, and I've said it three times to different people but once again, LoL's functionality allows for the behavior. You are allowed to input hurtful words into the chat system. Your account also risks ban if you want to mediate yourself by not talking which is a reasonable solution to the problem. Riot has the power to take hurtful words away from the game. There are games that exist even where you can't even submit anything without first removing the negative comments. If Riot's concern is to eliminate trash talk (Once again not deliberate harassment) it's their responsibility to successfully do it; especially if it already exists as functionality in other games. Not to create an situation where trash talk is a grey area and people are afraid to do anything otherwise because if a teammate is feeling malicious can weaponize the game to ruin other peoples accounts and waste their money.

User Info: supershadonic

4 years ago#158
If this happened. People will spend 500$ on LoL then get banned and say "Trololololo"

User Info: TheDarkNerd

4 years ago#159
From: Pezofpower | #157
Riot has the power to take hurtful words away from the game. There are games that exist even where you can't even submit anything without first removing the negative comments.

There's a world of difference between hurtful words and foul language, however. It's entirely possible to swear like a sailor without directing even an iota of spite at anyone. Consider the difference between:

"f***, my bad!"


"n00b, you are terrible. No, seriously, you suck. Uninstall, smash your computer, and go hang yourself right now."

The latter wouldn't even get filtered, yet is a much worse thing to say.

Honestly, word filters are a damper on communication, especially when they react to false positives. I can't even say Assassin in Ragnarok Odyssey, even though it's one of six classes. Really, people should be held accountable for the things they say, rather than the words they use.

User Info: JackTNguyen

4 years ago#160
You can send a support ticket into Riot with all the charges for RP and say they were unauthorized and they'll credit the money back to your account. I had a friend who did this and he got about $150 of RP back when he quit League.

All they do is close the account forever (essentially perma-ban) it leaves the account with a balance so technically if you ever decide to go back you can just pay that balance off.
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