What Is your favorite "troll" build?

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User Info: Kirby1207

4 years ago#1
Just wondering lol
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User Info: SharperKnives

4 years ago#2
6 warmogs
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User Info: mutation10101

4 years ago#3
Assassin champ with TP Revive Homeguard. Usually Kat Akali or even Hec.
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User Info: Shiny_Pidgey

4 years ago#4
Jungle *insert random AP mid here*.

User Info: aHappySacka

4 years ago#5
AP Graves and AP Garen are two personal favourites of mine, but there's no way I'd ever play them in a PvP.
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User Info: chaoshadou

4 years ago#6
Ap Yi.
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User Info: og_megaman

4 years ago#7
movement stacking rammus


4 years ago#8
revive ghost hecarim
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User Info: Dark Vaporeon

Dark Vaporeon
4 years ago#9
Jungle Tanky AP Soraka.
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User Info: Darksteel

4 years ago#10
SharperKnives posted...
6 warmogs

topic over on 2nd post
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  3. What Is your favorite "troll" build?

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