the wierdest game i have had

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User Info: joelpball

4 years ago#1
so i start up a pub match and grab Lux and mid

my connection glitches, i get stuck in the loading screen for AWHILE and by the time i restart my game everyone else is leagues ahead of me

we fight a losing battle it seems, for the next five or ten minutes, and they're beating us in kills.

I go support as lux, being way weaker than everyone else, and just spam her shield.

then, enemy team surprisingly surrenders during a team fight at mid. we hadn't even dropped a tower.

my teammates say "huh?" and then the VICTORY screen comes up as their nexus shatters.

I CLICK continue, and end up booted out of League. having to restart... not even getting to hear the smack talk after that one......

GT: joelismyname
firefight here:

User Info: Gevauden

4 years ago#2
Can happen when someone on the team thinks it's funny to press the Surrender button and then everyone auto presses Yes.....shappens.

Lucky u
LOL ign- Gonk Stalk me if you dare :)
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