I have a question about Sona

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User Info: DeleveleD

4 years ago#21
Barrenite posted...
DeleveleD posted...
I used to go R > Q > W > E.

Now I go R > W > E > Q. (Take Q at level 1 and max it last.)

If anyone wants to know the reasoning as to why, I'll be glad to explain, in PM of course! (It's a pretty long explanation.)

It's not that long of an explanation: you're bad

klolhaha, cookie cutter builds are obviously the only build.
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The statement above is true.

User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#22
I always max Q first. The poke on it is so damned good. If you max Q last then by the time it is maxed it won't really matter. You COULD max W first, the amount it heals scales better than the added mana cost. It is just that Q is such good early game damage and falls off so fast, I would max it first.
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  3. I have a question about Sona

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