remember when morello said heroes such as bloodseeker and invoker were anti-fun?

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User Info: XcZeus3469

4 years ago#21
bstbll posted...
Evil_Evil_Evil_ posted...
MIG297 posted...
isn't it ironic that the anti-fun champions (nidalee, jayce, lee sin) are all common picks in competitive play? could it be that, you know, complex heroes with high skill ceilings are fun?

lol @ you thinking people pick champs in competitive play based on how fun they are.

so the point of gaming isn't for fun?

Not any more than NBA players play for fun. They play as a job, the fun is why they play but it isn't what they're playing for. There are tens or sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line in tournaments. If you think pros are going to pick a more fun, weaker champion when they could do better with a less fun one, you're crazy.

this. take nyjacky. He loves his Veigar, but veigar is too risky to use outside of solo queue
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User Info: Kevman510

4 years ago#22
Invoker, sure. But Bloodseeker? He's pretty much Warwick, since both of their ults make you have to stand still for a bit, the same bloodscent, the lifesteal, etc.

User Info: PeterPan88

4 years ago#23
Wait Bloodeeker is difficult?
Q yourselfm AA and ult, boy is that hard

User Info: Skul_

4 years ago#24
Smartcast is bad now?

Well crap.
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User Info: CrumpledPaper

4 years ago#25
From: Evil_Evil_Evil_ | #018
kiba312 posted...
Evil_Evil_Evil_ posted...
ElevatorsSC posted...
I'm not saying that all LoL players are simpletons, but they want the simpletons to feel like they can play LoL just fine with their camera locked, smart cast, and caps lock permanently on.

league of legends = dota dropouts?

Uh...? Offensive much?

yes, i'm sorry. i take that back. even the worst dota players are better than decent league of legends player. can't compare a horrible player to a bad player.

Looks like you're on the wrong board

Feel free to continue this course on Entry Level Trolling 101 if you want to though.

From: Skul_ | #024
Smartcast is bad now?

Well crap.

It varies from skill to skill imo

More often than not I don't really feel like changing my key set ups though so I end up just sticking with it.

User Info: EDumey

4 years ago#26
Lee Sin is complex because of his mobility, not because he has more than 4 skills.

Jayce/Nidalee isn't complex at all. Really straightforward playstyle.

Elise is the only complex one because you need to do things in a somewhat specific order to get the most advantage out of her percentage damage. And even that isn't bad.

Invoker is annoying to use if you aren't aware of how to work him, whereas someone who has even a little knowledge of how he works will be infinitely better than you at the hero. There's no reason for such upfront confusion in a kit, when just as much can be achieved by simply streamlining a champ. Why do you really need like 9 spells? Isn't it better if you just serve your purpose and never have to worry if you could have done it better had you used a different combination?
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