Best Champions For Each Lane, post EURO LCS

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User Info: ssj4supervegeta

4 years ago#31
mentalmaniac posted...

Vayne is beter by miles in lane and teamfights. mf ult is stopped by 1 cc.

vayne has one of the worst lanes in all of ad carries...

anyway. I think ashe is higher then people giver her credit for >.> mf is really strong right now with black cleaver and all, i can agree with dat. and i have no counter example for a better ad right now. would depend heavily on the support.

lee sin being a good duelist makes sense. he has so many escapes even if he starts losing he can just...leave the fight lol. i've always considered trundle one of the best jungle duelists against ad champs tho.

as for top...olaf has always been strong. was weird to me that more people didnt use him lol. i think cho is a good one for a great top laner. and shen should be mentioned as well.

as for mid....idc i still think karthus is one of the best mids lol. so hard to really get him out of the game but a kayle would definatly destroy him...kayle was another one of those champs that hasnt gotten enough love from players until recently i feel.

:D my opinions
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User Info: charlesrules

4 years ago#32
TheConductorSix posted...
Bottom Lane: Fortune until they fix her ultimate. Shes always been a lane bully but now her Team fight presence is just as strong.

Twitch as always remains number two

Disagree with twitch number 2 - as per the LCS its gotta be ezreal (and when they let Hosan play him - Draven for all in)
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User Info: Demetricus

4 years ago#33
To be fair this is all just an opinion, so I want to share mine as well.

Top Lane - Olaf is indeed a very strong choice however, he isn't foolproof. Xin Zhao managed to hold is own against him. Elise is also a good choice however, being newer, people still aren't quite using her at her full potential. If the opportunity arises and it becomes a vialbe strategy both Shen and Nidalee are good choices if you are wanting to split push. I was surprised at the lack of Pantheon being fair.

Mid Lane - Kha'Zix is really good, and will likely remain a solid choice due to his mechanics. I personally really like Lux still, if she has some protection and the team follows up the bindings things can go very well. Eve is a very good choice if she can get up and going early on. This lane is seemingly favouring assassins as opposed to traditional AP mids at the moment. Twisted Fate still offers an amazing amount of gank potential.

Jungle - I don't really like the jungle so my thoughts here will be somewhat less informed. I think that Lee and Cho are both strong junglers, Kha'Zix and Eve are worth mentioning here, less common but it can work. Shen, Olaf, Mundo, Amumu, Xin are all worth taking note of too.

ADC - Good Ezreals are still very good, the prevalance of Miss Fortune in AoE centric comps is rather good, however the team needs to make use of it. Corki and Graves falling out of favour is odd but I would like to say that both are still usable. Vayne and Kog'Maw still both rock the late game. Caitlyn's increased popularity is rather nice, she had often been a reasonable choice, more people think this now. As a whole this role does have a good selection, Twitch, Draven and even Varus for a particular team are all reasonable.

Support - Nunu is a great choice, the walking buff machine will always have a place. Blitzcrank hooks are still potential team fight winners. Leona isn't seen often but can be good with the right comp (likely due to corki falling out favour a bit). Taric and Lulu are both safe choices.

As I said, this is all just my opinion. The prevalance of other heroes since the start of S3 have dropped a few off of the radar and assassins in the mid lane is a bit of a change but it opens up a few more options which I think is rather good. None of this could well be right but whatever.
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User Info: Ferd_Da_Bird

4 years ago#34
Oh boy, another TheConductorSix topic. I'm learning to steadily dislike you.

Here's why Lee isn't the best possible jungler and will never be the best possible jungler: Team Comp. If you need a ton of tankiness, you need someone like Cho, Naut or Sej, which all have strengths in their own right. If you need dps, get Noct, Lee or Mundo among MANY others. Need AP? Fiddle or Diana. Need Lategame prowess? Naut, Hec and a few others can do that. Here's the real story behind your so-called "best champion per lane" theory: IT ALL DEPENDS. If your team counters their team, or if your team is too tanky for the mostly dps team of theirs, or if your team crushes their early game champs that are meant for late, then you win. If you assembled your "best possible team", it would probably look awfully counter able. As such is your argument.
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User Info: Try_Harder_Nubz

4 years ago#35
I always listen to TheConducterSix's fantastic advice, he knows so much about the game and is incredibly high elo as well.
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