next champ coming out?

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User Info: Jonmaximum

4 years ago#11
joonyoungie posted...
Demacia needs an ADC

Isn't Vayne demacian?

User Info: Kevman510

4 years ago#12
From: earthmaster3 | #010
Kevman510 posted...
As you saw in the previous post, the next champ is named Quinn. Here's all the info we have:

Dr. Quinn, The Medicine Woman


Passive: (Too) Huge Supporting Cast: Every nearby champion, both ally and enemy, grants Dr. Quinn additional maximum health.

Q - Ye Olde Physician: Heals your ally with old-timey medicine, immediately boosting their health by XXX amount, which slowly drops down to just XX amount. When cast on an enemy, deals damage over time, reducing healing over the duration.
W - Gangrene: When cast on an ally, removes crowd control effects. When cast on an enemy, slows by XX% and reduces armor by XX.
E - 150 Episodes Too Long: Reduces an ally's cooldowns by 1/2/3/4/5 seconds. Passively grants 10% cooldown reduction.
R - Jane Seymour vs. Jim Crowe: Dr. Quinn is actually a carpetbagger from the North that fights for equal rights. Abilities used on male champions or Taric have double effect. (huehue)

now do Dr. Harley Quinn :D

lol, give me some time to think
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