Who has the lowest ELO on gamefaqs?

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User Info: OwlRammer

4 years ago#11
From: xDarknezzx | #008

this is what ELO stands for

I'm pretty sure no one has an Electric Light Orchestra here so everyone has the lowest ELO.

Elo on the other hand...
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User Info: Metleon

4 years ago#12
Oeoeo23 posted...
I have no idea what ELO is, I just started yesterday.
So, if I have ELO, I may be the lowest on GF.

You probably have 1200 ELO (what everyone starts out as) just so the game has a number to put there. You need to get to level 30 first, then you can play ranked games that will affect your ELO.

~900 ELO right here. I have yet to win a ranked game in Season 3. :'(
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User Info: GENEC1DE

4 years ago#13
I WAS 590. I started playing ranked immediately after hitting 30 about a week after everything reset in October. I was pretty terrible.

I got way better, but trolls in the 600s are really prominent. Lots of AFKers or joke builds or intentional feeders. No matter what anyone says, if you have an afker on your team, even if you're great, you're likely going to lose.

But I've fought and clawed my way out, and I got myself to a point where I can carry a bad team.

Yesterday, after months of trying, I got up to 926, and got 1 more win than I have losses. I'm fairly confident I'll keep on climbing

User Info: Melvinrules

4 years ago#14
I am currently at 950
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